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This article contains information on a subject that is not considered canon in the Gravity Falls universe.

"ZombieLuv" is an unused song originally made for the episode, "Summerween." It was released on Brad Breeck's Soundcloud page as part of Gravity Falls Season 1 - Soundtrack Excerpts Vol. 3. There is an instrumental version of the song as well.


Zombies coming, up from the ground
Ghouls and monsters, all around
You looked in my eyes
I told you the truth
All I want is candy and a kiss from you

I fell in love, on a Summerween night
When you ate my soul
When you made me die

Giant spiders, I don't care
Brown stuff in my underwear
You took my heart
And all of my limbs
All I ask in return, is just one kiss

I died on a Summerween night
When you ate my brains
Now I am undead

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