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|home =
|home =
|family =
|family =
|friends =[[Bill Cipher]]<br>[[Teeth]]<br>[[Kryptos]]<br>[[Keyhole]]<br>[[8 Ball]]<br>[[Hectorgon]]<br>[[Amorphous Shape]]<br>[[Pacifier]]<br>[[Pyronica]]<br>[[Eye-Bats]]
|friends ={{Expand|[[Bill Cipher]]|[[Teeth]]|[[Kryptos]]|[[Keyhole]]|[[8 Ball]]|[[Hectorgon]]|[[Amorphous Shape]]|[[Pacifier]]|[[Pyronica]]|[[Eye-Bats]]}}
|enemies =
|enemies =
|likes =
|likes =

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Xanthar (also known as "the being whose name must never be said") is a character in Gravity Falls, appearing in the episode "Weirdmageddon Part 1."


Xanthar was one of the monsters that entered Gravity Falls in "Weirdmageddon Part 1," and later followed Bill to the Fearamid.


Xanthar walks on all four of its legs, has dark-purple skin and no head. In its place is a light-purple patch. It has small trees growing out of its back and shoulders, and it wears a party hat. Its body looks like a loaf of bread.


Season 2

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