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The Ye Royal Discount Putt Hutt is a miniature golf course in Gravity Falls, Oregon. It is located near Hermanos Brothers and is secretly the home of the Lilliputtians. The Mattress King works here.


The course first appears in "The Golf War," when the Pines family visit. Mabel encounters her old rival Pacifica Northwest there and is subsequently bullied. Fed up with her abuse, Mabel confronts her foe, and the two agree to participate in a tournament that night to settle the conflict. Later that episode, Dipper and Mabel discover that the facility is run by Lilliputtians. When the beings offer to aid Mabel in the competition, the situation quickly spirals out of control.

In "Roadside Attraction," it is on Stan's map of tourist attractions in Oregon.


The mini golf course is primarily castle-themed, with portcullises and turrets on the outer walls. The entrance is through a large replica tree stump. The golf course is a bit run down, with trash and fallen leaves on the ground, puddles, some graffiti, and uneven turf.

The royal employee drives around in a slow purple golf cart that has been accessorized with a large crown, plush seats and roof, and wings.

Mini golf holes[]

S2e3 putt hut map

Putt Hut map

It contains 18 holes as well as a bonus hole.


Season 2


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  • On the map detailing the golf course and the Lilliputtian factions, there are only 16 holes featured (minus the bonus hole), despite there being 18 holes as well as one bonus hole.
  • According to Alex Hirsch in the box set commentaries, he was inspired by the mini golf courses him and his twin sister Ariel would visit as kids which never seemed to be updated since the 80s.

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