Xyler and Craz are characters from the movie Dream Boy High. They were temporarily brought to life from Mabel's imagination by Bill Cipher while they were inside Stan's mind.


Xyler and Craz are first seen in "The Legend of the Gobblewonker," as a figment of Mabel's imagination. In her fantasy, they are seen in a convertible stopping at an intersection, at which point Mabel, in a giant hamster ball, begins flirting with them. After the light switches back to green she rolls away, leaving the two amazed by her appearance in the ball. 

Xyler and Craz make another appearance in "Dreamscaperers." They first appear on Mabel's VHS cover of "Dream Boy High." Afterwards, as stated above, the duo were temporarily brought to life in Stan's mind. They happily team up with Soos and the twins to help find the memory of Stan inputting the safe combination. Near the end of the episode, Xyler and Craz were killed by Bill, but soon after Mabel revived them and they played synthesized music in an attempt to defeat Bill. After the confrontation with Bill, Xyler and Craz bid farewell to Mabel as they faded back into nothingness.  

In Mabel's fantasy sequence in "The Golf War," Xyler and Craz make a reappearance, dressed as paramedics when arriving to jokingly treat Pacifica Northwest for a "serious burn." Mabel later high-fives Xyler after Pacifica states she has been ruined.


Since they are part of Mabel's imagination, they both adore her and agree with whatever she says. Both of them have similar personalities, and neither of them seem to be very intelligent. However, they are good musicians, as seen in "Dreamscaperers," and they are featured on the VHS Dream Boy High with instruments.


As described by Stan, they are both brightly colored and radical young men.

  • Xyler in particular is a tan, muscular man with black eyes and chin length blond hair. He wears a sleeveless light turquoise shirt, navy blue arm bands, white shorts with a navy blue line going down the side, and brown sandals.
  • Craz on the other hand, has blue hair and eyes, and pale skin. He wears a fuchsia shirt with a red and white jacket, a belt, and turquoise jeans and white shoes.

In "The Golf War", Xyler and Craz appear in EMS technician garb with some differences in their physical appearance. Their jaws are less chiseled and they look less buff than in previous episodes.


  • "Totally! Arm Throne!" (Xyler and Craz in "Dreamscapers")
  • "Opening and closing doors is fun!" (Xyler in "Dreamscapers")
  • "Will I ever see you guys again?" (Mabel in "Dreamscapers") "In your dreams." (Xyler) "Good one, bro" (Craz)
  • "Cool! We're next!" (Craz in "Dreamscapers")
  • "A little girl got seriously burned!" (Xyler in "The Golf War")


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  • The dance Xyler and Craz do when threatened by Bill Cipher is the same as Jonathan Knight (in red vest) and Joey McIntyre (in the green jacket) from the 1990 cartoon New Kids on the Block.[1]


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