Woodstick is a music festival featuring various independent artists held every summer in Gravity Falls, Oregon.

The Event

The festival features performances from "Oregon's up and coming indie bands." The event also contains tents from various food and item vendors, such as Hippie Tea and spray bottles. Tickets to the festival are $100 per person.

Music artists include: Scarves Indoors, Wood Grain on Everything, The Love God, The Handlebar Bros., Ornery Vegans, Creepy Nerd, Wizard Mode, DJ OK, Edgy Triangle, Mom Jeans, Lawrence + the Bicycles, Bearantula, &, Dracula Weekday, Boyz II Infantz, 2Eighty, Boston Massachusetts, No Raisin, Pinball.


In "The Love God," numerous youth come to the festival, including Wendy Corduroy, Robbie Valentino, Lee, Nate, Tambry, Thompson, Dipper Pines, and Mabel Pines. While the teens eagerly anticipate and prepare for the event, Stan Pines expresses a disdain for it, though he changes his mind when Soos Ramirez points out that appealing to a young audience could generate profits. The two set out to make a hot-air balloon to feature at the gathering. Unfortunately, resent for Robbie's and Tambry's relationship (due to Mabel's intervention) leads Wendy, Lee, and Nate to decide against going.

Thompson desperately drags them there anyways, and Mabel, feeling remorse for her meddling, enlists Dipper's help in stealing an anti-love potion from the Love God. However, when confronted, the twins flee, the God following suit. Thanks to Stan's and Soos' poorly made balloon crashing on their pursuer, Mabel is able to keep hold of the potion, but she decides against breaking up the couple upon seeing their happiness. When security catches Thompson with outside food, the other teens take notice and cheer him on, indicating that their group is friends once again.


Season 2


  • The name of the festival is based off of the real-life counterculture, Woodstock, a music festival, billed as "An Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days of Peace & Music."


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