Wolfman Bare Chest is one of Grenda's mother's "age inappropriate" romance novels. It is the first in a series of at least 39 books.


In "Carpet Diem," Grenda takes it to read aloud chapter by chapter to Mabel and Candy at the sleepover, even though "Mabel" at the time is actually Dipper in Mabel's body.


The cover background is an evening sky with a rising moon, with the title written at the top in pink cursive. In the foreground, is a muscular shirtless werewolf wearing skinny jeans, holding a swooning red-haired woman in a purple dress.


  • The series is an obvious parody of the popular Vampire/Werewolf romance novel series, Twilight.


"My name's Gerard. I am a werewolf, creature of the night. But I am also a creature of passion."
—Content from Wolfman Bare Chest


Season 1

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