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"Widdle Ol Me"[1] is a song Gideon sings in the Tent of Telepathy as a theme song for his show, accompanied by Bud Gleeful on the piano.


During their visit to the Tent of Telepathy in "The Hand That Rocks the Mabel," Dipper, Mabel and Soos watch Gideon perform the song, which successfully convinces Mabel he is a true psychic, while Dipper remains skeptical.


Oh, I can see, what others can't see
It ain't some sideshow trick, it's innate ability
Where others are blind, I am futurely inclined
And you too could see, if you was widdle ol' me!

Come on, everybody, rise up! I want y'all to keep it going!
(He touches his amulet)
(Crowd rises seemingly unintentionally)

Dipper: Wha—? 'How did he—?

Gideon: Keep it going!

You wish your son would call you more

Old lady: I'm leaving everything to my cats!

Cat: Meow!

I sense that you've been here before

Sheriff Blubs: Oh, what gave it away?

Dipper: Come on.

I'll read your mind if I'm able
Something tells me your name’s Mabel

Mabel: How'd he do that?
(Mabel is wearing a sweater with her name on it)

So welcome all ye... to the Tent of Telepathy
And thanks for visiting... widdle ol' me!


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