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Why You Ackin' So Cray-Cray? is a television program hosted by Sassica.


Season 1

S1e10 tv show

"Girl, why you ackin' so cray-cray?"

Mabel and Waddles watch the program briefly in "Fight Fighters." In the episode they watch, Sassica questions a thin, blonde woman on why she is acting so "cray-cray."


The show later appears in "TV Shorts 2," where Sassica proceeds to declare multiple women, including Lazy Susan, to be acting "cray-cray" as well. When the audience expects her to repeat her signature line, she grows offended, claiming she isn't their puppet.


Season 1



  • The show is a parody of many daytime talk shows such as The Tyra Banks Show and Oprah.
  • Alex Hirsch said on Reddit that the show started as an inside joke with him and his friends in which he tricked all of them into believing Why You Ackin' So Cray-Cray was to be an upcoming show hosted by Raven-Symoné.[1]


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