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West Coast Tech, short for West Coast Institute of Technology, is a university on the west coast of America. It is the college that Ford Pines wanted to attend before his brother Stan accidentally ruined his invention.


In the late 60s or early 70s, West Coast Tech had a reputation as the best technical school in the country. Its students were said to "turn science fiction into science fact". Ford was encouraged to apply there by his high school principal after his teachers took notice of the perpetual motion machine he had created for the school’s science fair, which greatly excited both Ford, who wanted to be a world-changing scientist, and his parents, who wanted to be rich. His twin brother Stan was less excited by the idea due to his and Ford’s previous plan to finish repairing an old boat they had found and sail around the world together indefinitely.

Representatives from West Coast Tech were invited to attend the Glass Shard Beach High science fair to view Ford’s project, but unknown to both them and Ford Stan had visited the project the previous night to vent his frustrations over Ford leaving at it and had accidentally broken the machine. Upon seeing a perpetual motion machine that wasn’t moving, West Coast Tech’s team crossed Ford off their list of applicants without listening to his protests, ending his dream of going to school there.

Afterwards, Ford confronted Stan over the evidence of what he believed to be deliberate sabotage, and Stan was kicked out of the house by their father until he could make up for the riches Ford being unable to attend West Coast Tech had potentially cost the family. This led to the brothers being separated for over a decade, with Stan trying various money-making schemes across the country and Ford attempting to continue his career in science by attending Backupsmore University instead.


  • The West Coast Institute of Technology is very similar to the real life California Institute of Technology. Both are located on the west coast and follow the same naming pattern, including in their shortened forms of West Coast Tech and Caltech, and both of them have reputations as selective, highly advanced technical schools.
  • The Latin on West Coast Tech’s brochure translates to "science school".

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