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[[ru:Вэнди (песня)]]
[[ru:Вэнди (песня)]]
[[pl:Wendy (piosenka)]]
[[Category:Season 1 songs]]
[[Category:Season 1 songs]]

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This page is for Wendy (song), a song Robbie wrote. For the character, see Wendy Corduroy. For the song from Boyz Crazy, see Wendy's Song.

"Wendy"[1] is a song Robbie writes and sings in dedication to his ex-girlfriend, Wendy.


In "Fight Fighters," Robbie performs the song in front of the Mystery Shack in an attempt to serenade and woo Wendy out, unaware she is already out camping with her dad and brothers. Dipper informs him of her departure, and after insulting Robbie, causes a fight between the two.


Wendy, Wendy


Season 1

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