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This page is for from Boyz Crazy. For the melody Robbie sings in front of the Mystery Shack, see Wendy (song).

"Wendy's Song"[1] is a song Robbie stole and edited to fit as a song for Wendy. The real origins of the song are unknown, but it utilizes subliminal messages that can have a hypnotizing effect on the listener.


In "Boyz Crazy," Robbie plays and performs the song to win Wendy's affection back after standing her up, successfully convincing her to join him at Lookout Point. A suspicious Dipper, and Stan begin to investigate, soon discovering that, when played backwards, the song contains a subliminal message capable of inducing hypnotic effects upon the listener. Upon learning the truth, Wendy confronts Robbie, who claims he never even wrote the song as he originally claimed. The lie is enough to provoke Wendy into breaking off their relationship, finally tired of Robbie's lies.


When I think about you,
I feel feelings so deep
I'm tossing and turning,
And you know I'm losing sleep

And I know I'm going crazy,
When I look into your eyes,
Just listen to this song,
And you'll be hypnotai-ai-zed.

Backtrack rewind[]

You are now under my control,
Your mind is mine!


Season 1


S1e17 suspicious cd

CD and case.

  • The cover of Robbie's CD case resembles the cover of the book Necronomicon Ex-Mortis from the 1981/2013 movie, The Evil Dead.
  • The hidden message is revealed by a technique called backmasking.
  • On the DVD commentary, Alex Hirsch stated that the backwards message in the song was both unknown to Robbie, given that he had ripped the song off from another band, and had no actual hypnotizing powers, and that Wendy actually gave Robbie another chance simply because she thought it was sweet that he wrote a song for her.


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