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"Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls"[2] is the 20th episode of the second season of Gravity Falls and the fortieth episode overall. It premiered February 15, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.[2]

This is the third and final episode in the Weirdmageddon story arc,[3] as well as the hour-long series finale.[2]

Official overview

Ford discovers Bill Cipher's true motives, and then a final confrontation with Bill leads to the Pines family's ultimate fate and greatest sacrifice.[2]


The episode begins with Wendy, Dipper, and Mabel discovering a group of people hiding out in the mystery shack, protected by the unicorn hair Ford had place around it. The townspeople (and monsters) are reluctant to fight Bill, but Dipper and Mabel convince them. Stan, however, refuses to help. TBA


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Production notes

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Character revelations

Series continuity


  • The "Shacktron" is made up of various objects seen in previous episodes.
    • The "Mystery Shack" makes up the torso.
    • The "Universal Portal" is located on the waist.
    • The Tyrannosaurus Rex encased in amber from "Land Before Swine" is the left forearm.
    • "Manly Dan"'s logging truck is the right forearm.
    • The right leg of the "Gideon-Bot" is the right leg.
    • "Soos"' pickup is the left foot.
    • The Mystery Shack's totem pole is a shoulder-mounted cannon.
    • The head and neck of the Gobblewonker robot are the tail.
  • This episode uses a different version of the Weirdmageddon theme song, by using the 1st version of the intro, and with 8-Ball, Teeth, Keyhole and Hectorgon being replaced with Dipper, Mabel and Stan.[5]


File:Second to last.png
  • "4-19-10 5-25-11-22-9-12-5 8-12-23-21-19-20 23-6-9-3-10-20 23 1-16-19-19-12 16-23-10-20 15-10 16-23-10-20 4-16-19-25'12-12 22-9-10-20 4-16-19 5-19-23-12 22-3-4 22-6-19-23-13 4-16-19 21-16-23-15-10, 23-10-20 8-23-25 4-16-19 21-9-5-4 4-16-19 8-6-9-8-16-19-21-25 1-15-12-12 23-12-12 22-19 12-9-5-4" uses the combined cipher (A1Z26, atbash, then caesar). It translates to: TEN SYMBOLS PLACED AROUND A WHEEL HAND IN HAND THEY'LL BOND THE SEAL BUT BREAK THE CHAIN, AND PAY THE COST THE PROPHECY WILL ALL BE LOST.
  • "18-23-20-19-20 8-15-21-4-3-6-19-5 22-12-19-23-21-16-19-20 22-25 5-3-10 4-16-19 4-23-12-19'5 4-9-12-20, 4-16-19 5-3-11-11-19-6'5 20-9-10-19 15-10 11-19-11-9-6-15-19-5 4-16-19 8-15-10-19-5 5-4-15-12-12 8-12-23-25 9-10 23 5-3-10-10-25 5-3-11-11-19-6'5 20-23-25" uses a combined cipher (A1Z26, atbash, then caesar). translates to: FADED PICTURES BLEACHED BY SUN THE TALE’S TOLD, THE SUMMER’S DONE IN MEMORIES THE PINES STILL PLAY ON A SUNNY SUMMER’S DAY.
  • Bill says in reverse in the burning scene, "A-X-O-L-O-T-L MY TIME HAS COME TO BURN, I ENVOKE THE ANCIENT POWER THAT I MAY RETURN"


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