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This page is for a series of cursed figures stolen by Stan Pines. For the one made by Mabel Pines, see Wax Stan.

The wax figures are cursed statues made of wax, which come to life at night whenever the moon is waxing. They seek revenge on Stan for locking them up in a room for years.



S1e3 wax figures 4

The wax figures enjoying themselves.

Many years before the events of Gravity Falls, Stan Pines came across the wax figures at a cursed yard sale. Not wanting to pay the full price of twenty dollars, and despite the owner's warnings about the collection, he decided to steal them and open his own wax museum. For a time, the figures were a star attraction at the Mystery Shack; at night, the figures enjoyed a "charmed life", drinking, talking and even playing practical jokes on a sleeping Stan. However, when the tourists lost interest in them and stopped coming, Stan put the figures into storage, eventually forgetting about them and leaving them there for ten years. Trapped and forgotten, the figures began to crave revenge.

Season 1[]

S1e3 mabel touches wax figure

Mabel and Soos looking at the figures.

In "Headhunters," Soos stumbles upon the door to the storage room and shows it to Dipper and Mabel. There, they encounter Stan, who gives them a tour of the figures. Upon finding a melted wax Abraham Lincoln, Mabel decides to build a sculpture of Stan to replace it. The wax museum is reopened the next day, with wax Stan as the central piece, but due to false advertising circulated by Stan, the crowd leaves soon after. That night, after the real Stan leaves momentarily to use the bathroom, Wax Sherlock Holmes comes and, mistaking the wax figure for the real Stan, beheads him. The figures are later seen arranged in the den where Wax Stan's funeral takes place. Once Soos and Stan leave the funeral, the twins ponder on the issue and come to the conclusion that it was the other figures.

S1e3 Mabel's going down fighting

Mabel fighting the wax figures.

The figures drop their act then and move while in the kids' presence, sarcastically and condescendingly congratulate them for solving the case, and explaining their origins and the reason they are after Stan. Then, they decide to silence the Pines twins as well, and the battle to the death begins. After the kids stumble upon their foes' weakness (heat), they use coffee and candles to melt their enemies. While Mabel takes on the majority of them, Dipper engages in a one-on-one sword fight with their leader, Sherlock Holmes, whom he defeats by leading him outside into the sun. Meanwhile, Mabel burns all the wax figures, except Larry King's head, in the fireplace. The head observes the Pines as he hides in the vents, and soon must chase after a rat that steals his ear. In the credits, he is seen helping Mabel choose which sweater to wear.

In "The Time Traveler's Pig," the figures can be seen when the twins travel back in time to the grand unveiling of Wax Stan.

Season 2[]

In "Blendin's Game," Stan is heard announcing the wax figures as his latest attraction to a group of tourists when the twins travel back in time 10 years.

In "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls," the Larry King head appears among the refugees of Weirdmageddon. He appears in the vents and nibbles on Grenda's hair when he is told that food must be rationed, and sits atop the "Take Back the Falls" banner carried by Soos when they battle Bill's allies.

List of Figures[]

Wax Sherlock Holmes[]

"You really think you can outwit me, boy? I'm Sherlock bleeding Holmes! Have you seen my magnifying glass? It's enormous!"
—Wax Sherlock Holmes[source]

S1e3 wax figures 1

Holmes (center), the leader.

Wax Sherlock Holmes appears to be the leader of the group. He fights with Dipper in the Mystery Shack and eventually on the roof. He "murdered" Wax Stan by decapitation with an axe after mistaking the figure for the real Stan. He melts when exposed to the rising sun. He is based on the fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes.

He is voiced by John Oliver.

Wax Larry King[]

"Hey, is anyone gonna feed me? Larry King's disembodied wax head wants num-nums"
—Wax Larry King[source]

S1e3 larry king

"Some sort of goblin man"

S1e3 rat with wax ear

Wax Larry King's head in an air vent

When discovered, Grunkle Stan called Wax Larry King a "goblin man" because he didn't know who he really was. When Wax Larry King attacks the twins, his head is cut off his body and falls into a vent, where a rat bites off his ear and runs away with it, prompting him to give chase. Later, he hops in the vent near the living room and answers Mabel's question about which sweater she should wear, saying that the llama hair sweater would be better as llamas are "nature's greatest warriors." He is also mentioned in the coded message in the credits which, when decoded, says "HE'S STILL IN THE VENTS." He is based on the TV host, Larry King. He appears again in "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls" among the survivors at the Mystery Shack. He asks if anyone is going to feed him, and chews on Grenda's hair when she tells him they need to ration their supplies. He is later seen on top of the "Take Back the Falls" flag when Soos comes out to confront Bill's forces.

According to Gravity Falls: Journal 3, Dipper and Mabel already knew about the survival of Wax Larry King's head before Weirdmageddon, and Dipper tried to pursue him on June 10 but failed. The next day, Mabel happily chats with Wax Larry King's head in his "interview."

He is voiced by the real Larry King.

Wax Coolio[]

S1e3 wax coolio head 1

Coolio in trouble.

Wax Coolio assaults Dipper and Mabel along with the wax figures. Later, Mabel uses his head to hit the other wax figures when they are surrounding her. Wax Coolio is based on the rapper, Coolio.

He is voiced by the real Coolio.

Wax Richard Nixon[]

S1e3 wax figures 4

Nixon (left) getting a drink.

Wax Richard Nixon is based on Richard Nixon, the 37th President of the United States of America. He is seen doing his signature "V for victory" sign. In the flashback scene, he stands with Wax Queen Elizabeth as they drink water/soda. During the fight, he was kicked away by Dipper.

Wax Abraham Lincoln[]

S1e3 wax abraham lincoln melted

Melted in the sun.

Wax Abraham Lincoln melted in the storage room because of exposure to sunlight from a window with open blinds. Stan accused Wax John Wilkes Booth of the murder before Mabel volunteered to create a new statue to replace it. He is based on the 16th President of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln. Despite formerly being alive, he doesn't appear in the flashback scene.

Wax John Wilkes Booth[]

Wax John Wilkes Booth is accused by Grunkle Stan of leaving the blinds open, which melted Wax Abraham Lincoln. He is based on Abraham Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Booth. He was never actually visible during the episode. Despite being alive, he doesn't appear in the flashback scene, nor was he lined up the with other wax figures at the Wax Stan Pines funeral.

Wax Groucho Marx[]

"I've heard about a cutting remark but this is ridiculous! Hey, why is there nothing in my hand?"
—Wax Groucho Marx[source]

S1e3 groucho

After attacking the twins, Wax Groucho is sliced in half by Dipper and makes his final joke before falling apart. He also asks why there is nothing in his hand, as he is iconically known for holding a cigar. He is based on the famous comedian, Groucho Marx, who was a part of the famous comedic act known as The Marx Brothers.

He is voiced by Michael Gough.

Wax William Shakespeare[]

"Though our group be left in twain, man of wax shall rise again!"
—Wax Shakespeare[source]

S1e3 wax shakespeare head

Give her a limerick.

Wax William Shakespeare is based on the world-famous playwright, William Shakespeare. During the fight, his arms are melted off by Mabel, but one of them puts her in a headlock. While in the headlock, Mabel opens a door and jams it on the arm, making it let her go. After the battle is over, Wax William Shakespeare can be heard reciting poetry as Mabel tosses the wax parts into the fire. This gives her pause, and she asks him for a limerick. A nervous Wax Shakespeare tries to improvise, but Mabel is unsatisfied and tosses him into the fire.

He is voiced by Greg Ellis.

Wax Genghis Khan[]

S1e3 genghis khan

Threatening the twins.

Wax Genghis Khan is seen holding a sword when the wax figures are advancing towards Dipper and Mabel. He is the biggest and the strongest of the wax figures in the group. His face melts when Dipper splashes coffee on it. Later, he gets lured into the fireplace by Dipper, and Dipper makes a joke after he lured him in. He is based on the Mongol emperor, Genghis Khan.

Wax Lizzie Borden[]

S1e3 wax figures 1

Borden (right) and her axe.

Wax Lizzie Borden is based on Lizzie Borden, an infamous nineteenth century woman who was accused of murdering her father and stepmother with an axe, but was never proven guilty. In the fighting scene, she is seen with Wax Robin Hood running towards Mabel to kill her. When she swings her axe where Mabel is, she accidentally cuts off Wax Robin Hood's head. Her axe was the weapon Wax Sherlock Holmes used to behead Wax Stan.

She is voiced by Pippa Haywood.

Wax Queen Elizabeth II[]

S1e3 wax figures 4

Queen Liz getting a drink.

Wax Queen Elizabeth II is based on the former Commonwealth and English monarch Queen Elizabeth II. During part of the flashback scene, she and Wax Richard Nixon can be seen drinking a beverage by the open refrigerator. In the fight scene, she is knocked down with Wax Coolio's head.

Wax Robin Hood[]

S1e3 wax figures 2

Robin (2nd left) clapping sarcastically.

Wax Robin Hood was seen trying to grab Mabel along with Wax Lizzie Borden. Wax Lizzie Borden later accidentally cuts his head off when she tried to swing the axe at Mabel. He is based on the heroic fictional outlaw, Robin Hood.

Wax Thomas Edison[]

S1e3 edison

Edison (left)

Wax Thomas Edison appears in the room when it was first discovered, and shortly in the background right before the fight scene. He was one of the wax figures that got slapped in the face by Mabel using wax Coolio's head as a flail. He is based on the American inventor, Thomas Edison. Despite being alive, he doesn't appear in the flashback scene.

Wax Edgar Allan Poe[]

S1e3 wax figures 1

Poe (left)

Wax Edgar Allan Poe was first seen in the fight scene. He was one of the wax figures that got slapped in the face by Mabel using wax Coolio's head as a flail. During the flashback scene, he and Wax Sherlock Holmes were seen in Stan's bedroom, moving a sleeping Stan into ridiculous poses to take silly pictures and standing still whenever he woke up in the midst of it. He is based on the famous author, Edgar Allan Poe.


The wax figures possess some of the same personality traits as their namesakes, although they have many in common with each other. They enjoy hanging out during the night, and, after Stan locked them away, they waited ten years just to seek vengeance on him. When Soos finds them, they come to life once again and attempt to murder Stan, but accidentally decapitate the wax replica of him instead. When Dipper and Mabel discover their supernatural nature, they duel them to the death.


It does not include wax John Wilkes Booth or wax Abraham Lincoln, because neither were seen in the episode.

Each wax figure resembles a famous figure or a character from history, literature or show business. Thus, they vary greatly in appearance from each other.


Season 1

Season 2



"Bravo, Dipper Pines, you've discovered our little secret. Applaud, everyone, applaud sarcastically. No, that sounds too sincere, slow clap. There we go, nice and condescending."
—Wax Sherlock Holmes[source]

"You sneeze like a kitten! Those policemen were right! You're adorable! Adorable!!"
—Wax Sherlock Holmes[source]

"The llama hair. Llamas are nature's greatest warriors."
—Wax Larry King[source]

"Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! What's up with that?!"
—Wax Coolio[source]

"I've heard about a cutting remark, but this is ridiculous!"
—Wax Groucho Marx[source]

"They made the house into a robot. Fascinating!"
—Wax Larry King's head[source]


  • It seems once the wax has completely melted the curse is broken, considering Wax Stan (who was made from Wax Abraham Lincoln's cursed wax) did not come to life during a waxing moon.
  • Although wax Richard Nixon does not speak, his growls resemble Billy West's portrayal of Nixon's head in the show Futurama.
  • When Dipper cuts the top half of Groucho Marx, he questions why nothing was in his hand. The real-life Groucho always held large cigars after telling jokes. Due to the ban of items involving smoking on children's shows like Gravity Falls, the hand of the wax-Marx in this episode was left empty, but still in the position as if he was holding the cigar.
  • According to the cryptogram at the end of "Headhunters," Wax Larry King's head was still in the vents of the Mystery Shack after the episode. This was confirmed by his appearance in "Weirdmageddon Part 3."
  • While most of the wax figures are based on deceased real-life individuals, two of the figures are based on fictional characters (Sherlock Holmes, though he was based on a real person Arthur Conan Doyle knew, and Robin Hood), and only three of the wax figures are based off of real-life individuals who were still living at the time of the show's production: Larry King, Queen Elizabeth II, and Coolio.
    • Coincidentally, all three living real-life individuals later died in the early 2020s.


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