This page is for Wax Stan, a wax statue made by Mabel Pines. For a series of curse statues purchased by Stan Pines, see Wax figures.

Wax Stan is a wax figure that was created by Mabel Pines to replace the melted wax figure of Abraham Lincoln. It was made to resemble Stan Pines, who was very fond of it, due to the loss of his twin brother.[1]


After the heat from the sun melted a wax statue of Abraham Lincoln, Mabel volunteered to use her artistic skills to create a new wax figure. She decided to model it off of Stan. Grunkle Stan introduced Wax Stan in the grand re-opening of the Wax Museum of Mystery at the Mystery Shack. Unfortunately, the show was a total failure due to the flyers Grunkle Stan made, saying that there was free pizza with admission to the event, which was a lie. This was pointed out by Shandra Jimenez, causing a riot to ensue. Trying to save the money he earned from the event, Stan ran away with the cash register while everyone else left the Mystery Shack angry and upset.

S1e3 headless stan wax figure

"Murdered" Wax Stan laying on the floor.

Later that night, Wax Stan's wax head was cut off with a left-handed ax by Wax Sherlock Holmes, who thought it was the real Grunkle Stan. Dipper and Mabel then began to solve the case of the "murder" of Wax Stan. Later, the statue made a cameo in "The Time Traveler's Pig" when Mabel, Dipper, and Blendin Blandin time-traveled to the Wax Museum re-opening scene from "Headhunters."

The head was reattached after Dipper and Mabel got it back from Wax Sherlock Holmes, and the fully reassembled Wax Stan was shown again in "The Deep End." However, due to the intense heat of the hottest day of the summer, Wax Stan started to melt.


Wax Stan is made to look like Grunkle Stan, but its colors are a bit faded and it is covered in glitter. And, just like the other wax figures, its right shoe has a hole in it.


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  • Just as the symbol on Stan's fez changed in "Bottomless Pit!," so did the symbol on Wax Stan's fez, when it was seen in "The Deep End."
  • It was confirmed in "Between the Pines" that Wax Stan reminded Grunkle Stan of Ford, explaining why Stan held a funeral for him.


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