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The Wax Museum of Mystery is an exhibition of the Mystery Shack. It once held many cursed wax figures based on fictional characters and famous people from history. These wax figures come to life "whenever the moon is waxing." The wax figures were trapped by Stan until Soos found the secret door.[1]


The museum was opened around 10 years before Mabel and Dipper arrived in Gravity Falls. Stan filled it with wax figures he had stolen from a garage sale, unaware that the wax figures were alive. For a long while, it made a sizable amount of cash for Stan; however, eventually people lost interest in it. This caused Stan to lock all of the wax figures up in a small room, which eventually was covered up with wallpaper.

About ten years later, Soos discovered the room while he was sweeping. After Mabel created a wax figure of Stan, he re-opened the museum. However, there was still very little interest in it, with people only arriving at the grand opening because he had offered them free pizza with admission and quickly leaving after being told there would be no pizza.

The museum was yet again closed after Dipper and Mabel destroyed all of the attacking wax figures except for Larry King's head, which is later seen hopping through the air ducts, and "gives advice" to Mabel when she asks Dipper which sweater she should wear.

In "Blendin's Game," the wax figure of Sherlock Holmes can be seen in the background of the Mystery Shack when Mabel and Dipper go back 10 years. Also, while they enter the Shack through a back window, Stan can be heard explaining the wax museum to the tourists.


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