The Waffle Guards are imaginary figures who reside in Mabeland and the guards of the tower where Mabel Pines lives.


The waffle guards are floating, giant yellow waffles, with several light yellow crossing over their bodies, eyes and mouth, and pair of strong arms. They can sweat as a normal person, and they use metal table knife as spears. Just like a normal waffle, they are edible.


S2e19 Waffle eaten alive

Delicious guards.

During the search for Mabel in the Prison Bubble in "Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality," despite being warmly welcomed by Xyler and Craz, Dipper determines to find out and save Mabel, so Xyler and Craz tell him, Soos, and Wendy that she lives in the tallest tower of Mabeland with two waffle guards protecting the gate. Seeing this, Soos and Wendy take down the two guards by eating one of them alive and punch the other one respectivelly, and they along with Dipper break in the castle and find Mabel, who, seeing them being attacked, claps hand to stop them and explains her discovery of the fantasy land.

Later, when Dipper says out loud that he decides to return to the real world after being threatened by the Stuffed Animal Tree, three waffle guards appear and take him down, and they intend to banish him based on "Article Smiley Face of Exhibit Squeaky Duck," but after Mabel requests to deal with this in another way, one of the guards says that Dipper has to be in a trial aboout fantasy versus reality. While he is saying this, Soos takes a bite of the waffle and claims it to be done by a stuffed rhino next to him. The waffle guards and many other fantasy creatures attend the trial. When Mabel is convinced by Dipper that he won't leave her, Mabel's power in Mabeland vanishes and fantasy creatures including waffle guards corrupt and start to pursue Mabel and her friends. Eventually, everything in Mabeland (except Xyler and Craz) bursts into pieces when Mabel pops the bubble.


  • Their rough appearance is sketched by Mabel, who is making ideas for making a wax statue in "Headhunters" and this is the second idea she comes up with.


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