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|image = S2e11 ominous glowing.png
|image = S2e11 ominous glowing.png
|first = [[Tourist Trapped]]
|first = [[Tourist Trapped]]

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The vending machine is a machine located in the Gift Shop of the Mystery Shack, which functions as a food dispenser. It conceals the entrance to Ford Pines' underground laboratory.


  • Yumber Jacks
  • Chapato Tips!
  • Gelatin Skeletons
  • Grablets!
  • Eschers!


Season 1

Season 2


  • In "Blendin's Game," Soos revealed that there is a special way to open the door to get the snacks, which he had learned from a time-traveling Mabel when he was younger.
  • In "Not What He Seems," it was seen that the combination for opening the door to the lab is A-1-B-C-3, but the order changed several times in different episodes.

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