Dear fans of  Gravity Falls, 

It is with my deepest pride and honor to mention to all of you, that there will be a game, developed by Inkagames , which they decided to make as a Christmas game special!

My name is Valentin girl, and I am an Admin on Inkagames English Wiki . Some may have heard, some may not, but it is still a small Wiki that still needs some expanding. 

In short, Inkagames is a game development industrie that makes games for fans (any requests on what people would like to have as a new game, will be added). It is a puzzle game, which you have to figure out where will your character go and how to defeat the villains and traps that are there. There are also some helpers, which can help in the game, as well it has Inkagames Winners - that means that people who won something on Inkagames facebook, will be appeared in the game and helping their favorite character. Cool, huh?

Anyway, I want you guys to know of this game that will be coming around 24th December, and want you to look at our Wiki, just a peek. If anyone wants to help us out, you may, if you want to talk there, you can, or if you just want to see what new info's there are, also great! 

P.S. Here I am adding a video of the Saw Game trailer so you can fest your eyes with what is coming ;) 

Gravity Falls Saw Game walkthrough (Cooming Soon)

Gravity Falls Saw Game walkthrough (Cooming Soon)

I thank you for reading my blog.

Valentin girl (talk) 10:20, October 4, 2017 (UTC)