Topdarlingwh Topdarlingwh 20 July 2013

Canadian air dates I need help

Ok guys I know it's not a big deal but I wanted to post the Canadian air dates for past episodes but unfortunately I wasn't here before to post them so I've been looking around to try and find them but I've been having no luck so if any one has any ideas were I should look please leave a comment, find me on chat or leave it on my wall it would really help.

I wish I was here before so I could have posted them ;(

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Topdarlingwh Topdarlingwh 15 July 2013

I need more sites

Okay so I really want to find more Gravity Falls sites, mostly sites that let you post images and have discussions about theories and the show. Unfortunately the only ones I have found are these (list below). Those sites are don't really let you have discussions but only post stuff (if accepted) for other people to see. So if anyone has other sites please leave a comment or find me on chat it would help a lot.


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Topdarlingwh Topdarlingwh 10 July 2013

Ok guys I've got an other one for you

Okay so my new problem is that I posted this picture of Blendin Blandin (image link below) but I believe that this is a reference to episode 15, The Deep End, at the end when Mabel let Mermando back into the lake or episode 2, The Legend of the Gobblewonker, as the Gravity Falls Lake but during the night. I definitely think this is a reference to something so I would love to hear what you guys have to say before I make an edit and... well... you know a fan war starts. So leave a comment or find me on chat.

PS. If you leave a comment just know that I don't always check them so I might be very late to respond.

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Topdarlingwh Topdarlingwh 2 July 2013

I need an opinion on this one

Ok guys I have a problem for the mystic amulet I thought the one that Gideon had was figure A.  So after Mabel broke it he is looking for a new one thus making that one figure B. Also I believe that this is proven by the color versions between the two. Gideon’s amulet is turquoise but the new one he is looking for if green.  

If you guys could find me on chat to talk about this that would be great because I wanted to edit that page but don’t really know how to phrase it.   

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