TheMostBoringManInTheWorld TheMostBoringManInTheWorld 28 January 2014

"Meet Your Destroyer"

Grunkle Stan
[narrating] Throughout the years, I've seen many things. (jumps into a small cart in a theme park) Car chases, street fights, crazy people... But this just ain't one of 'em. (turns around to see what's behind him and sees a missile going toward him)

The theme song starts playing.

Episode begins at the Mystery Shack.
(walks around the Mystery Shack) [quitly] Uh, where are you Mabel...?

Mabel jumps off the height she's climbed, surprising Dipper.
HA! I won again! [imitating a masculine voice] I am the ultimate hide-and-seek champion of the entire universe!
OK, I admit it.
Say it, say it--
(sign) Mabel is the coolest girl in the world and Dipper smells like himself. And I still don't get how that's an insult.

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