Hello everybody, I'm here to do something....that thing is....a....blog! Abcourse. Well this blog is about me knowing which do you like more; Roblox or Minecraft?. I'm just bored so I did this..hehe..I just got out of my soccer finals and I'm tired and need rest..i even got a foot cramp. But I'm bored so i am up to this. Ah whatever...lets just begin...


Robloxian = if you are playing Roblox

Minecraftian = if you are playing Minecraft

My own..

I play both of them. I enjoy Roblox for many fun gams and I'm having fun with it  with other people and friends and I enjoy Minecraft with my friends bulding lots of things...But...I say that..The better one for me...or...the one..that I...enjoy more...is...Sorry I can't tell...better guess it!  Hehe so comment "ROBLOXIAN" if you like Roblox better and "MINECRAFTIAN" if you like Minecraft better. If you can't decide which and you think it's tie in your liking/loving percent, type "Both" i stead and if you hate both, type "None." I'll also make a poll here below Also. please guess what I like better in comments :P

ok so...that's just all...Goodbye and soon you'll see another blog of mine arriving!

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