Hello everybody! My name is Darwin and I like the name "Revenge". I'm here to tell you a story that I made. You can see the details of the show here at Dipper and Darwin Wiki]. Sl here it is:

One day, a 14-year old boy named "Darwin Revenge" explored and discoved Gravity Falls. He saw it underattacked and saw Dipper sad. Dipper was now 14 years old.

Darwin:What's the matter bro?

Dipper: Man it's because I want to leave this town now.

Darwin: Hmm...Why?

Dipper: You know,,,Its been underattacked by bad guys,,I have lots of ensmies...and There's no fun or enjoying thing here...

Darwin: May I be your friend? I will help you!

Dipper: sure and thanks but can you tell me what's your name first?

Darwin: Darwin. Darwin Revenge.

Dipper:Wow! Im Dipper Pines (finally smiled)

Darwin: Ooohh....Lets make a team name...AAhhh...PINEREVENGE!

Dipper AWESOME NAME! That is a good one.

Darwin: want to have powers? I have one and I will share

Dipper: Sure but how...And have one??? (Confused)

Darwin: Yes and I will put it at....(detecting body psrts) Aha! Birthmark!

Dipper: UGH whT?

Darwin: You now have powers! Same as mine, you have a magical sword and you can blast yourself up high.

Dipper: Thank you Darwin! Your the best pal ever!

Darwin: Now lets start protecting and saving this town...

Dipper: OKAY....I'll tell you these things...

First persons to be targeted as revenge...GIDEON GLEEFUL AND BILL CIPHER!!! Also, protect my family and the Mystery Shack!

Darwin did what Dipper said.

Winfred, Darwin's pet pig became best friends with Waddles. Waddles the. Joined the two in adventures. Mabel, Stan, Soos and Wendy said goodbye and good luck in saving Gravity Falls. They also thanked them for protecting the mystery shack.



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