Hello again, this is Darwin the Super Revenger telling you a story. This is the part 2 of the first episode of Dipper and Darwin. To have more details or information, you may go to my wiki

So lets start!

After Darwin and Dipper went out of the lake, killed monsters/creatures that destroys/attacks Gravity Falls, they sat on the ground. Darwin fave Dipper water and food and he drank and ate too. Just then Dipper had a question:

Dipper: So Darwin buddy, what's your name?...Well give me your identificatipn to see it. You must have an awesome name! Also I would like info...

Darwin: oh..ok...(frowns then turned behind)

Darwin gets his ID slowly with his fezr on. Darwin is scared when someone knows about his name that he calls "stupid long name".

Darwin: shaking)

Dipper: Ok...but are you okay? You seem to have a problem...

Darwin:No no no no..I dont have one,..

Dipper: OKAY...GOOD...(reads name) "Jairuson Darwinnick Lazarusisan Revenge"

Darwin: Noooh!!! That name is stupid!!!

Dipper:What? What do you mean? Its awesome!

Darwin:Oh thanks but I'll tell you a story:

Years ago, when I was so young, many people says that my name's stupid and weird. I then realized this and I trid to change the name into a shorter one. I made it "Jairus Darwin L. Revenge". People are always teasing me about this. But one day came, I discovered powers...And I used this as revenge for them. I am sometimes called JD after that time when those people who did bad things to me was revenged on. Now, I prefer to be just "Darwin Revenge". My middle initial is Lazarusian, its kinda weird. And my parents are John Lazaro Christian Revenge and Angelica Paulina Isidra Revenge.

Dipper: (surprised and smiled) Wow! Cool! Tour name isn't stupid and by the way, where did you got your powers?

Darwin: I don't really have an idea but I think my father is related with a mighty and powerful King.

Dipper: so your father has powers?

Darsin: Yes.

Dipper: So you're also related to that king?

Darwin: Abcourse. That King lived for 100 years to protect the earth using his powers. 3 days before he died, King Revengerous told his three sons Reviant, Revjoint and Revinald. The three then made families until my dad came then I was borned. So here I am.

Dipper: WOW! You r really an aaesome guy Darwinnick!

Darwin:Thznk you Dipper Pines!

Dipper:Your welcome! So what now?

Darwin: Lets do....something

Dipper: oh well...Let us go visit my family and the Mystery Shack. I will introduce them to you.

The two went and visited them.

Dipper: Alright guys, I'm gonna introduce to you my friend Darwin Revenge.

Soos: Alright! Sup Dawg?

Stan: Hi Kid! How's it goin? Is my nephew Dipper doing fine now with his powers?

Wendy: Nice friend, Dip

Mabel: Wow! You are awesome Darwin

Dipper introduces Darwin...

Then Darwin told thibgs that Dipper can't tell...


Mabel then got impressed and fell in love and came to him nearly to talk.

Soos poked him and said you were awesome like Dipper and me after all!

Stan tspped him by the head and said: Thank you Jairuson for doing this for my son! You two are really the best boy kids evah! I'm honest! I'm Grunkle Stan!

Wendy told him and Dip that they are so cool and they are just the boys to save Gravity Falls.

After Dipper told them that he and Darsin are gonna stay in the shack for a breK first. Mabel then asked Darwin to hang with her.

Dipper: Oh Mabel, you are gonna take boyfriends again and mess with them for millions of times...You never had one for a long time..

Mabel: Oh Dipper...Your such a good brother. I know that but I promise to don't mess up sith your friend!

Dipper: Grsat to hear. I hope that will be.

Mabel: So Dipper...You gonna hang out your girlfriend Wen... (Dipper cutted her out)

Mabel: Whoops sorry...

Dipper: No worries. I know that and I'll do that myself.

Darwin: Everybody!!! Lers turn the fun on!

Darwin was with Mabel.

Dipper was with Wendy.

Soos was with Stan, cleaning the Shack.

Windred was with Waddles, plYing afound as pigs.

Then a creature came from the ground....Darwin and Sipper destroyed it.

THE END!!!!!

Darwin's identity

First name: Jairuson

Second name: Darwinnick

Middle initial: Lazarusian

Last name: Revenge

Born on: April 19, 1998

Born at: Somewhere at a place where King Revengerous lived years ago.

Parents: John Lazaro Christian Revenge and Angelica PUlina Isidra Revenge

Some changes to characters and places:

  • Soos and Stan became rhinner
  • Mabel and Wendy are now seen wearing ponytsils on their hairs
  • Waddles became bigger and became more active since he became friends with Winfred, Darwin's pet pig.
  • The Mystery Shack only has the words "YSTER HAC" on the roof, since it was attacked by creatures and bad guys.
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