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  • Super Revenger 98


    November 30, 2013 by Super Revenger 98

    Hi! I'm here to start a game with you. This is hangman so all about guessing. Here are the mechanics:

    1. Make a word or any noun then make someone guess it by this form: _r_ v _t_ ANSWER:GRAVITY

    Make sure you have at least 2 words there so it will be guessed.

    2. Make sure to put a clue/hint so that people can guess it. EX: F_l_ _ ng CLUE: An action verb ANSWER: Falling

    You should have one so that people will know more and will take it easier.

    3. HAVE FUN!!!!

    That's just it! I'll start this up:

    _ ue_t_n  T_e_b_e_

    Since it's already guessed by IAmZim, don't answer this anymore.

    After having at least 150 comments, I will be starting to post the scores of each user. If you want to ask me how do I score, leave me a message.

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  • Super Revenger 98

    Hello everybody, I'm here to do something....that thing! Abcourse. Well this blog is about me knowing which do you like more; Roblox or Minecraft?. I'm just bored so I did this..hehe..I just got out of my soccer finals and I'm tired and need rest..i even got a foot cramp. But I'm bored so i am up to this. Ah whatever...lets just begin...


    Robloxian = if you are playing Roblox

    Minecraftian = if you are playing Minecraft

    I play both of them. I enjoy Roblox for many fun gams and I'm having fun with it  with other people and friends and I enjoy Minecraft with my friends bulding lots of things...But...I say that..The better one for me...or...the one..that I...enjoy I can't tell...better gu…

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  • Super Revenger 98


    November 17, 2013 by Super Revenger 98

    Almost everyone has Hunger Games avatar.

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  • Super Revenger 98

    Hello again, this is Darwin the Super Revenger telling you a story. This is the part 2 of the first episode of Dipper and Darwin. To have more details or information, you may go to my wiki

    So lets start!

    After Darwin and Dipper went out of the lake, killed monsters/creatures that destroys/attacks Gravity Falls, they sat on the ground. Darwin fave Dipper water and food and he drank and ate too. Just then Dipper had a question:

    Dipper: So Darwin buddy, what's your name?...Well give me your identificatipn to see it. You must have an awesome name! Also I would like info...

    Darwin: oh..ok...(frowns then turned behind)

    Darwin gets his ID slowly with his fezr on. Darwin is scared when some…

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  • Super Revenger 98

    Hello everybody! My name is Darwin and I like the name "Revenge". I'm here to tell you a story that I made. You can see the details of the show here at Dipper and Darwin Wiki]. Sl here it is:

    One day, a 14-year old boy named "Darwin Revenge" explored and discoved Gravity Falls. He saw it underattacked and saw Dipper sad. Dipper was now 14 years old.

    Darwin:What's the matter bro?

    Dipper: Man it's because I want to leave this town now.

    Darwin: Hmm...Why?

    Dipper: You know,,,Its been underattacked by bad guys,,I have lots of ensmies...and There's no fun or enjoying thing here...

    Darwin: May I be your friend? I will help you!

    Dipper: sure and thanks but can you tell me what's your name first?

    Darwin: Darwin. Darwin Revenge.

    Dipper:Wow! Im Dipper Pines …

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