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  • I live in the Barn with Lapis Lazuli
  • I was born on June 23
  • I am a Gem I'm genderless but I have a female pronoun
  • Stevidot

    These are my top ten favorite episodes of Gravity Falls.

    1# Weirdmageddon part one (Wendip development)

    2# Take Back The Falls (a great ending and it involved Wendip)

    3#  The inconveniencing (the start of Wendip)

    4# A tale of two Stans (More facts about Stan and Ford)

    5# Scaryoke (Great comeback for the start of a season)

    6# Tourist Trapped (The start of it all!)

    7# The deep end (Wendip)

    8# The last Mabelcorn (Friendship development between Mabel and Wendy.)

     9# Blendin's game (Wendip development)

    10#Sock- opera 

    Tell me if anyone agrees!

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  • Stevidot

    Bill Cipher's defeat

    February 9, 2016 by Stevidot

    Ok I saw this commercial today! I have a theory! Here it is, I think Bill Cipher will get knocked into a portal of some sort along with someone else into the Nightmare Realm.

    But who would get knocked inside the portal with him? Stan, Ford, Soos,and maybe even Waddles are possible candidates.

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  • Stevidot

    Believe in Wendip

    January 9, 2016 by Stevidot

    Ok first of all Wendip and Mobbie warning!

    Ok everybody I love Wendip and Mobbie so I was wondering if anyone else does. So does anyone like Wendip or Mobbie or both?

    Let your voices be heard! 😹🙌[[File:S2e18_Dipper_and_Wendy_anime.jpg|thumb|I

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  • Stevidot

    Weirdmageddon part3

    December 18, 2015 by Stevidot

    So what does everybody think Weirdmageddon part 3 will be like? Will it end in a bus trip to California or will Dipper and Mabel move to Gravity Falls or something else?Let your voices be heard!

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