Full Name: Jade (Middle or Last name unknown)

Nicknames: JJ, Mom

Age: 18 (Physically)

Gender: Genderfluid, They/Them

Sexuality: Panromantic Asexual

Place of Birth: Unknown

Manner of Speech: Very laid back, and a bit deep. Sometimes forceful but never nasal and more motherly than angry

Job: None

Species: Shapeshifter

Body Structure: Large bust, smaller waist, large hips. Would be an hourglass figure if not for her curiously small waist in comparison to hips

Complextion: Light brown, appearing Southeast Asian

Hair: Shaved in an undercut with part on the right side, but slightly wild black hair with bright blue streaks

Eyes: Very dark brown, almost black


When you first meet Jade, you'll probably first think of her as one of the most self centered and rude people you'll ever meet. She can be quite lazy sometimes, which doesn't help with the fact that she actually wants to have friends. She's very likely to like you if you aren't too pushy, you don't force her to do what she doesn't want, and if you have similar tastes in anything from music to favorite Old English torture technique. Her moral compass goes often off track when she has feelings for someone. Jade finds great interest in people that seem like a challenge for her; and that may or may not have something to hide. She honestly just wants someone that stick it out with her until the end, whenever that may be, as it isn't really clearly known for her.

Jade also has a large passion for weapons, ranging from basically everything to anything. She also has the by-the-book definition of every weapon memorized, from swords (of which she has a rather large and peculiar collection of) to stun guns and tasers, of which are very different from each other. She likes to think of it as not psychopathic, but being well-educated. Her most prized weapon is a specialized sword made for her by her friend Azrael.

Her family is also sort of a sketchy subject, and she doesn't like talking too much about her actual origins. It's best not to ask at all, unless she's either in a no-secrets all-out-there mood, or in dire situations.

You Asked For It: A Crazy Twist

Jade is a shapeshifter. She has no relations to the shapeshifting race seen in canon Gravity Falls. She is actually quite lazy when it comes to her power, as over the years, it's gotten quite boring. For now, all her shifts are limited to just for fun and pranking, which she greatly enjoys doing, as she has not been put into a situation where she needs to use them for defense for a very, very long time. Some of her specific powers include:

  • DNA Shifting: While Jade can easily normally shapeshift, which just changes ones apperance, she can also DNA Shift, which completely transforms DNA, which can help mask hidden faults that may, let's say, appear on medical records. DNA shifting is a very tiring and demanding process to shift in and out of, so she prefers not to do it often.
  • Regeneration: While shapeshifting can help with the natural aging process, if Jade was to get extremely hurt, her body can involuntary shut down and go into regeneration, in which any internal or external wounds are healed. The process varies in time, and regenerating can take from anywhere to less than an hour to many days.


  • Adrian Ventell: Jade met Adrian when she was quite young in comparison to modern day, and Adrian sort of took her in, and as she grew up, he helped her learn more about the world. Though Adrian will always be older, they don't worry about the age difference now. Since they are both indefinitely immortal, they chose to stick with each other for the infinite future to come. 
  • Victoria Royals: Jade likes to treat Vic as the sister she never had, which often leads to Jade sort of pushing her around as well. They may be close to polar opposites, but they end up still good friends.
  • Ellis Atkins: Jade finds Ellis to be one of the coolest teenagers she has ever known. She likes to tease him very often, usually with an array of nicknames. They often spend time with eachother at Jade's house, for a reason unknown.
  • Azrael Bones: Jade and Azrael became friends quickly, and she trusts him fully, even with the relatively short time they have known each other. She is in awe of his artistic talent, and appreciates his friendship.
  • Willow Cooper: Jade has a sort of love/hate relationship with Willow, as Jade sees her as a rival. They remain friends, but still share a couple snarky remarks or two.
  • Latke Katsopolis: Not a lot is known about the two's relationship, but they are seemed to be good friends and hang out a lot, especially with Willow.
  • Finn Rooney: They first met sort of awkwardly, and shared a mutual liking of each other's hair. Jade sees him as sort of a stereotypical jock, and therefore doesn't look too much into it.

Fun Facts

  • Aesthetics include: Neon lights, vintage cars (preferably red), classic rock music, leather jackets, staying up late, Marvel movies, and 8-bit games.
  • Once received a jade (ha HA) encrested sword from her friend Azrael, and she now prefers to use said sword as her most favorite.
  • Strangely has a great love for jazz music, especially electro swing.
  • Hates gelatin.
  • Finds puns to be very annoying.
  • Has a passion for giving people nicknames.
  • Her favorite food is chili cheese fries.
  • Loves to know secrets, whether she's supposed to know them or not.
  • Hates the taste of any and all tea.
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