Full Name: Ellis Blanche Atkins

Nicknames: Ell, Ellis Island, Blondie

Age: 15

Gender: Male, He/Him

Sexuality: Homosexual

Place of Birth: Texas City, Texas

Manner of Speech: Not very outgoing or energetic, and almost always unsure when he does talk. Completely changes character when on camera, and is very animated and quick-minded. Divulges into a deep Southern accent when flustered or angry.

Job: None

Species: Human

Body Structure: Overall small but healthy, also very defined hips

Complexion: Pale, but can tan easily

Hair: Blonde, very wavy, and swept to the side

Eyes: Dark Brown


Ellis first comes off as very reserved, and not too much of a people person. Once you do get to know him, though, he can be very open. He doesn't often speak his mind, even with his friends, but is very creative. He also has a love for sarcastic and ironic humor. Ellis is a big fan of the Internet, and loves to keep up on his favorite websites. He may seem rather stoic and not very empathetic, but honestly, he has a lot of emotions that he just doesn't like to show. He also loves remixing his own music, which he likes to share with people. (Namely, Adrian)

A sort of fun fact/rather large personality point about Ellis is that he runs a sort of secret double life as a largely known vlogger, which is a person that publishes videos about their own life, or makes video game walkthroughs, or basically just entertains. He'd rather not have his friends or anyone else he knows to know about his multiple social media accounts. Unfortunately, Jade, being the snoop she is, and also just a internet savy person, knows about all of Ellis's accounts, and follows all of them, luckily without Ellis aware.


  • Jade Northwest: Jade likes to treat Ellis as a little brother, and teases him and makes fun of him, but means well. Jade and Ellis also relate on some music tastes.
  • Adrian Ventell: Ellis and Adrian really relate on music, but they also like to hang out from time to time, away from the girls.
  • Victoria Royals: He and Vic are referred to as "the littluns" by Jade, as they are younger and also the same age. Ellis and Vic don't relate much, but Ellis is often used as a model forms Vic's fashion aspirations, much to his disgust.
  • Josie Boyd: Ellis often visits the diner, and just happened to quickly become friends with Josie. Even though they may have just met, Ellis cares for her and likes to hang out with her often. He very deeply regrets giving her the scar on her forehead by accident.


Ellis's mother passed away in a car crash when he was at a very young age, and his father walked out on him soon after. He now lives with his Aunt Samantha and Uncle Tyler, who don't bother to understand the kind of trauma Ellis went through. Ellis originally lived in Texas City, Texas, but moved to Gravity Falls for a "change in scenery", according to his aunt. He isn't too big of a fan of snow, humidity, or bugs, so living in Oregon isn't really his favorite thing.

Fun Facts

  • Aesthetics include: 8-bit drawings, typography, cola drinks, neat handwriting, star-gazing, the color red, origami, twisty straws, and old records.
  • His favorite food is cinnamon rolls.
  • Ellis secretly loves to listen to more "girly" artists, such as Marina and the Diamonds, Lana Del Rey, and Paramore.
  • He has an older brother, whom he doesn't like to talk about, as he didn't care to take in Ellis after their parent's death. Logan's brother lives married with a daughter.
  • Has a Texan accent, but hides it carefully as he doesn't like to show it.
  • Hates rollercoasters.
  • Is horrible at drawing.
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