Full Name: Victoria Rose Royals

Nicknames: Vic, Shotguns

Age: 15

Gender: Female, She/Her

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Place of Birth: Wakefield, England

Manner of Speech: Overall proper, but sometimes seemed a bit pushed. Very energetic and peppy, but smooth.

Job: Apprentice Tailor

Species: Human

Body Structure: Very lean, but a larger bust. From waist down, smaller hips and thighs

Complexion: Very pale, and burns very easily. Some random freckles

Hair: Brown, hints of Sienna and Maple. A tad wavy, swished over to the right side

Eyes: Greenish Hazel


Victoria is a lover of all things dealing with fashion, from sketching out her own ideas to making them straight in her Aunt's shop. She basically lives the dream, by having all the materials she would ever need quick to her need and use. Only recently has Victoria's aunt agreed to let her sell her designs in-shop.

She is also an extremely caring girl, to her friends, and also complete stangers, but if she finds your look to be just offsetting enough, she will politely tell you. This may be because Vic is always ready to help in any way she can, no matter how dangerous.

Victoria also is sort of oblivious to sacrasm, as shown in her interactions with Jade, but she always means well. Her sense of talking is very polite and articulate, and her imagination is just as big as her heart.


Victoria is from Wakefield, England, as so her Aunt. She moved to Gravity Falls with her when Vic's mother took a job at a clothing agency in Manchester, and her father walked out on them when Victoria was at a young age, with no recent whearabouts since. Her family may be all over the world, but she still loves them all dearly even if they might not be near.


  • Rebecca Royals: Rebecca owns the Gravity Falls Tailor Shop, along with her neice. She is often worried about her brother, Vic's father, as his whereabouts are unknown. She fully supports Victoria in all her aspirations.
  • Jade Northwest: Victoria and Jade have a very confusing relationship. On one hand, Jade has known her ever since she moved to Gravity Falls. On the other hand, Victoria doesn't really realize how sarcastic Jade is and how moodly she can be. They might be polar opposites, but still find good friends in eachother.
  • Ellis Atkins: Being the same age, she is often reffered along with Ellis as "the littluns" by Jade. Ellis and Victoria don't share much in common, other than Victoria always trying to get Ellis into better clothes than just his normal t-shirt and jeans.
  • Adrian Ventell:  Victoria often likes to use Adrian as her model, in which he happily obliges. Over time, they have become very good friends, and Adrian treats her like a sister.
  • Azrael Bones: Victoria and Azrael made super easy friends when they first met, sharing likes with art and aesthetics. She also keeps a very important secret of his, and she trusts him as much as he trusts her. Vic also is consistantly in awe of his artistic abilities, and greatly appreciates him as a friend.

Fun Facts

  • Aesthetics include: Midnight drives to nowhere, complimenting colours, pastel colours, The colours black and blue together, coffee drinks, and music featuring strings (mainly violin and cello).
  • Her favourite food is strawberries.
  • Her favorite colour is Royal Blue.
  • Blushes very easily.
  • Has very pale skin, so she gets sunburnt very often.
  • Hates being referred to as "Tori".
  • Has a large affinty for dental health.
  • She received her scarf when she was 13, from her mother, who works in Manchester as an Co-Owner of a very large clothing company.
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