Full Name: Adrian Ventell 

Actual Name: Akira Kanai

Nicknames: Back in Black, Lover Boy, 'Aid'

Age: 19 (Physically)

Gender: Male, He/Him

Sexuality: Pansexual

Place of Birth: Heian era Japan, sometime during 794-1185 A.D.

Manner of Speech: Deep, soothing, and always polite, as he always likes to make a good impression. He gets rather obnoxious from time to time, though.

Job: Lawyer, mostly pro bono cases

Species: Immortal Human (can not die of old age or fatal wounds)

Body Structure: Lean, but still built. Small hips, broad shoulders. Sort of the shoulder to waist ratio of a dorito. Like Captain America. 

Complexion: Light, but never splotchy. Doesn't burn, but easily tans

Hair: Dark black, often falls in his face so he ties it back in a small bun

Eyes: Dark chocolate brown


Adrian, having lived for almost a millenium, has lived through decades upon centuries of memories, some of which he would desperately like to forget. He refuses to show as such, however, and has the energy of a young man. 

After living for so long, he has found that one of the most precious things in life are the acts of compassion and love, and lives to make as many people as he can feel like they are special and that they are loved. This aspect of his personality can be endearing but also hard to bear, as the people he has cared about most in his life always grow old and die, leaving Adrian, who will never die.

After meeting Jade, who is also indefinitely alive, he finds himself less head in the clouds, more down to earth, instead of the risky lifestyle he used to live, after giving up on himself. The two met at the turn of the 20th century, though neither of them knows for sure how long the other has lived. 


  • Jade Northwest: Jade and Adrian have lived together for almost a century now, and while they do not have any more than feelings of friendship for one another, they both would easily and without question die for the other, which is ironic, because they can't.
  • Ellis Atkins: Adrian may not fully understand Ellis all the time, but they still appreciate each others friendship and have "Guys Only" nights ever so often. Adrian would like to think that "the guys" would need to stick together, and so they do enjoy each other's company.
  • Victoria Royals: Adrian cares for Vic a lot, as Adrian had to take care of his sister when he was very young. He treats her very much like a sister, and is extremely protective over her. She appreciates his care, and often subjects him to be a model of her latest fashions.

Fun Facts

  • Aesthetics include: Old libraries, gorgeous natural scenery, ballrooms and ballroom dancing, soft and slky fabrics, ornate buildings, Roman arcitechture, orchestras, and cool colors.
  • Loves classical music, but in modern times, finds himself listening to Alternative Rock the most.
  • Hates vampires.
  • As he can get sick, he is a germaphobe and will take any procautions as to not get sick.
  • Currently, he lives with Jade in Redwood Sun Apartment Complex, which is located just outside of Gravity Falls, Oregon.
  • His favorite foods include stir fry and very spicy foods.
  • Plays the violin, and excels at it, though he would never think to be famous because of it.
  • Very proficient in fighting techniques, (Black Belt in Karate and Judo, among others).
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