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  • My occupation is I keep crows from smashing into people's windows and making a mess all over their carpets
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  • Screamteamcreator

    The Finale

    November 20, 2015 by Screamteamcreator

    You've all heard the news. There will be no third season, and Gravity Falls will come to an end. But this isn't sad news. This is possiblely the greatest thing I've ever heard. Yes, it sucks that there will be no more episodes, and we'll never see our favorite characters ever again, but that's the magic of art, it doesn't really go away. Look at all the fan fiction and fan art made about this show. Reverse Gravity Falls. Monster Falls. This show has inspired so many people, and these people are going to make great stories and art because of the influence this show had. These characters and stories will live on in different forms, but we can't forget where these inspirations come from, and that's why I'm happy, because when we say how much …

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  • Screamteamcreator

    Everyone is predicting what the Roadside Attraction is going to be about, and most of them are good, however I have my doubts about one particular theory. Some fans are speculating that Pacifica will be in the next episode, and although I really, REALLY want to see Pacifica again, I don’t think she’ll be in RA. Why? Well, let’s look at what we know so far. Grunkle Stan is taking Dipper, Mabel, Candy and Grenda on a trip across Oregon to sabotage Roadside Attractions. How do you fit Pacifica in that? The theory is that they see Pacifica on the side of the road and decide to bring her along. Okay, that’s seem likely, but here’s the problem; what’s the main priority with Pacifica? Is it to ship her with Dipper? Or is it to rekindle her relati…

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