Hi Everyone

You guys may know me as Ruz, the weird funny person or you may not no me but may have heard of me well I should get to the point. After a few complaints due to mods lack of training, I will contribute my own knowledge (that I hope is accurate) to the moderators new and old.

Let's start off! and also Welcome to the CMI (Chat Moderator Institute)

How to become a Chat Moderator

If you have desperatly seen what mods do and want to become one, you have to enter an election. A election is every two months and each election the amount of mods chosen or kept (chosen is new mods, kept is the old mods) keep changing. So it may end up like this: 2 new mods are chosen, 4 mods are kept or 5 mods are chosen, 1 mod is kept. To win the election you must have a lot of votes and a lot of edits, just because you are the most popular doesn't exactly make you one automatically. You have to edit and show fairness and responsibility, and meanwhile be a pretty overall fun person (this is how i see mods its my perspective you dont have to keep this in mind }:)

What do I do first? Kick or Ban?

It honestly depends on the situation. Say if this one user started spamming, trolling, swearing, It would be an automatic ban. BUT be sure to tell them to stop first instead of banning them right on the spot. Its like saying you got a question wrong on a test without knowing what you did wrong. If a user was swearing, or making fun of another it would be a kick. AGAIN DO NOT FORGET THE WARNING!


I know many of you have different intrests other than Gravity Falls and you would like to share them with other people who have the same intrests. By what is used often it is other wikias. As much as we respect other wikias we just want to focus on Gravity Falls wikia. That doesn't mean you can't share the intrests! You could simply say the episode premiere information is on the so and so wikia. Or if it is a game, comic, or tv series you can send a link to YouTube.

New Users

Don't we just love new people! When you see a new person with out any edits please remind them that having at least one edit is crucial for the wikia. As much as this is annoying to repeat MULTIPLE times just remind them or lets just say #JustDealWithIt.

How to use your powers wisely

Chat mods (if you didnt notice) have powers. Powers to kick users in the butt and to cease them from wikia. It is easy to abuse your powers, infact every mod has (sorry to say }:( Including me, I am a annoying shipper, (a used to be) spammer for fun, a closet pusher, and a boss at making people annoyed. It is great to have fun once in a while but please don't over do it. I mean kicking a person for fun is But kicking a person just because he/she is making his/her opinions is unacceptable.

Well Thats all for now until i find anything else I should mention. I hope you take you Chat Moderator role seriously

~Enjoy while it lasts }:)

~Rzvegg (Ruz), Fellow Chat Moderator

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