Title of Discovery: A Forgotten Monologue

Time: 3:11 PM

Date: 10-25-13

Location of Retrival: Behind the green dumpsters in an alley of a chinese restaurant (Country: Classified)

Notes: Written by R. Zanderhoff Vendous Gesling Ganders (Idenitity Unknown), Addressed to "an audience", a thin crow's feather was found in between pages 1 and 2.

Title of entry: Crow's feathers

Entry: You are in a room, a single room with red carpeted floors, the color of red wine. In front of you is a hallway, at the end lies a mirror showing you staring melencholy at your misfortune. You are trapped, like a mouse in trap. You don't quite remember who you are or where you are at, currently your life has no purpose to anyone, yet. On your right hand side is another hallway, at then end lies a vase. Its ceramic creme color makes you ponder, it certainly looked like it was made in an ancient Chinese dynasty, possibly the Qin or the Sui? You don't know. You don't know how you know several chinese dynasities. Behind you is yet another hallway which at the end of it, leads to a small rickety bookcase. You can see several enciclopidias litering its raggedy shelves and several antiques that are covered in a grim layer of dust. A glint of unpolished glass shines in the corner of your eye and you seem to be attracted to a small glass unicorn. It's back leg was chipped off. A pang of pain fills your usually emotionless lump of a heart and that sad little unicorn reminds you of why, yourself. You grip your crutch in hand and look to your left. But you don't focus on it for to long, it soon leaves your memory. You hear a crackle from above. Great glass crystals seem to shake their polished sides at you. Something has moved. You don't know what. You don't know where. You don't know how. A flash of black wavers in the corner of your eye. You glance at the floor. And pick up a small feather. A crow. Slowly. You can feel its beady eyes. Staring. Watching. Unwavering gaze. You glance up slowly at the ceiling and was greeted by darkness. Funny things the mind does with you, it creates a small little world with fragments of memories or events, emotions that you have experienced and creates a tale of its own. A feather. 

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