• Rzvegg

    Hello I'm back

    March 6, 2014 by Rzvegg

    Hello everyone most of which don't know me

    Its me, Rzvegg or Ruz (Ruzzy, Ruzzie, Ruzz can work fine as well) And I am back......yeah.

    Don't get all scared of me now, I'm not crazy after the Siege of My Shipping Blog. I think I'm normal I guess. Which may or may not be a bad thing?? Thought I'd pay you guys a visit since SEASON 2 IS COMING THIS SUMMER (yay). I feel sad though, due to many of my friends leaving, BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN I CAN'T MAKE ANY NEW ONES! Wait you don't fully know me nevermind.....

    Um so well, I guess this is me!

    I've been joining a lot of fandoms, like a LOT of fandoms and I've been active on my tumblr ( And from some friends I've met the other day, I've become a legend? I am ve…

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  • Rzvegg

    A Forgotten Monologue

    October 25, 2013 by Rzvegg

    Title of Discovery: A Forgotten Monologue

    Time: 3:11 PM

    Date: 10-25-13

    Location of Retrival: Behind the green dumpsters in an alley of a chinese restaurant (Country: Classified)

    Notes: Written by R. Zanderhoff Vendous Gesling Ganders (Idenitity Unknown), Addressed to "an audience", a thin crow's feather was found in between pages 1 and 2.

    Title of entry: Crow's feathers

    Entry: You are in a room, a single room with red carpeted floors, the color of red wine. In front of you is a hallway, at the end lies a mirror showing you staring melencholy at your misfortune. You are trapped, like a mouse in trap. You don't quite remember who you are or where you are at, currently your life has no purpose to anyone, yet. On your right hand side is another hall…

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  • Rzvegg

    Welcome to Ruz Vale

    September 19, 2013 by Rzvegg

    ~A friendly mountain community where the wind is strong, the stars are marvelous, and myserious figures walk in the night when we in our slumber. Welcome to Ruz Vale~

    Hello Readers To start off things I have been asked to write this brief notice. The city council announces the opening of a new gas mask factory at the end of Sailing Street. They would like to remind everyone that no one is aloud near the gas mask factory. Masks are not aloud near the factory. It is possible you will hear screams and the slightest sound of muffled breathing. Do not approach them. Do not approach the factory. The factory will not harm you.

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  • Rzvegg

    What would Ruz do?

    September 2, 2013 by Rzvegg

    Okay so I realized I haven't been posting any blog post since the famous and infamous shipping blog. This idea came out when I was role playing with myself. So... here it goes! 


    Q: What would Ruz do if she saw Sherlock jump of the building? 

    A: I would use my muscles if I had any? And catch my Mystery Hobo

    Q: What would Ruz do if she was sucked into Homestuck? 

    A: }:)

    Q: What would Ruz do if she was dumb? 


    Q: What would Ruz do if she saw herself dead? 

    A: Oh look there's me, dead, spilling out free blood to the world. Have some free blood, people. 

    Q: ==> Be Tuckyd

    A: Hello, I am Tuckyd. As you can see I LEIK MUD…

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  • Rzvegg

    Hi Everyone

    You guys may know me as Ruz, the weird funny person or you may not no me but may have heard of me well I should get to the point. After a few complaints due to mods lack of training, I will contribute my own knowledge (that I hope is accurate) to the moderators new and old.

    Let's start off! and also Welcome to the CMI (Chat Moderator Institute)

    How to become a Chat Moderator

    If you have desperatly seen what mods do and want to become one, you have to enter an election. A election is every two months and each election the amount of mods chosen or kept (chosen is new mods, kept is the old mods) keep changing. So it may end up like this: 2 new mods are chosen, 4 mods are kept or 5 mods are chosen, 1 mod is kept. To win the election yo…

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