Okay, I know alot of you know about the "3 letters back" thing at the end of the theme song, but I don't see how you guys managed to make that connection. Me and my little bro used DSi Sound to reverse the end of the theme song, but it still sounds like random keys, even changing the reversed versions speed. However, the Gravity Falls theme song sounds very sinister and dark when played backwards - probably one of those "its not what it seems" things - refering to Gravity Falls seeming normal at first, but it's dark side being revealed. Also one of the most popular secrets (My little bro pointed this one out for me (: )is the "3 letters back" thing and the letters on the page in the 3 Hand Book that Dipper has. The letters at the side (Once using a Caesar Cipher) say "Stan is not what he seems.". We all knew something was up at the end of the Pilot when he pressed some buttons on a vending machine and it opened a secret doorway, but also from the shifty look he had, and how we all knew something was up in the Pilot what with the Gnomes and all, but Stan tries to tell Mabel and Dipper that those are just myths used to trick tourists into buying merchandise. (By the way, I've only seen the Pilot cuz other episodes haven't aired in the UK so my observations e.t.c. could be proven wrong or have more back-up evidence)

[[File:Sem_Título.png|thumb|400px|Journal page]]The pictures each mean something:

- Glasses: Grunkle Stan wears them.

- Question mark: The mystery of Gravity Falls; seen on a weathervane in the theme song.

- Ice: The gift shop in the Mystery Shack.

- Cresent moon/Claw thing: Seen of Grunkle Stan's hat.

- Tree: On Dipper's hat, reference to the woods in which Dipper found the 3 Hand Book.

- Pentagram (Theres a lot for this!): Pentagrams are religious symbols but when turned upside down, represent evil or the Goat of Evil (AND THERE WAS A GOAT ON DIPPERS BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

- Hand: On the 3 Hand Book.

- Goat/Llama: The Goat of Evil reference.

- Shooting Star: Seen of one of Mabel's eccentric sweaters.

- Heart with stiches in: Grunkle Stan's tattoo.

The eye/triangle thing is sort of like the All Seeing Eye - The Symbol of the Illuminati who are often thought of as worshippers of Satan. Also, anyone noticed it looks sorta like Grunkle Stan?

That's all for now. I'll post more soon dudes and dudettes!!!

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