Can Gravity Falls survive Google Translate?

Synopsis: When he tried to scoop Wendy impression than the actual age action, he invites leading to an old abandoned convenience store, which can be a devil to join a group of teenagers. Mabel was tagged with ride, but she will tell you when to stop the ball line to send her to an unexpected adventure flavored candies.

Opens to Dipper and Mabel in the Shack. Mabel is sitting on a spinning globe.
Dipper Mabel, you're going to believe in ghosts?
Mabel I believe you're a big boy! Ha, ha, ha!
Dipper (Puts pencil against globe, making Mabel fall off)
Stan (Enters from outside) Soos! Wendy!
Soos (Runs up, panting) What happened, Mr. Pine!
Stan I am passing out. Are you going to wash the bathroom right?
Soos Yes, sir!
Wendy Of course not!
Stan Ha, ha! You are missing the point! (leaves)
Wendy Hey guys! What is this? (Unveils curtain) Secret ladder to the roof?
Soos Uh, I do not think I would like pine seeds.
Wendy Huh?
Soos Uh-
Wendy Huh?
Soos You're creepy friends!
Dipper Can we actually go there?
Wendy Of course we can! Roof hours! Roof hours!
Dipper and Mabel Roof hours! Roof hours!
Soos (Looks out window) Uh -
Dipper, Mabel, and Wendy (Walk over roof to Wendy's spot)
Wendy Okay, check-out!
Dipper Did you put all the stuff in here?
Wendy I can not sneak any time or day, here at work. (Throws pine cone, it hits a target on a totem pole) Yes!
Dipper and Mabel Cool, me first! (Throw pine cones)
Dipper (Hits a car. Car alarm goes off)
Wendy Jackpot! Five Good morning. (Holds up hand) ... Do not leave me hangin.
Dipper and Wendy (High five)
Wendy Oh hey, my friends!!
Thompson (Pulls up in car. Waves hand out window) Wendy!
Wendy Hey, it can not talk about Stan, do not you?
Dipper (Zips lips)
Wendy (Zips lips) Later this dorks! (Slides down trees and gets into car)
Thompson Let's get out of here! (Drives away)
Dipper Wendy later! Heh heh! Good times!
Mabel Oh, uh!
Dipper What?
Mabel (Poking Dipper) Someone is love!
Dipper Right, yeah! I just love it, great idea for Wendy? I do not like lying awake at night thinking about her.
(Cut to Dipper in bed at night, wide awake.)
Dipper Uh-oh.
(Cuts to theme song.)
(Cuts to inside Mystery Shack)
Mabel Any dance for no reason! (dances)
Wendy (dances) Move it! Move it! Move it! Move it!
Dipper (writing:) I pretended to write something.
Wendy Scoop!
Dipper (throws clipboard and catches it) So, what's that?
Wendy Later, probably not fit in?
Dipper I do not really dance.
Mabel Yes, you can! My mom used to do him dress him in clothes of the Lamb ... (whispering to Wendy:) "" Lamb Dance!
Dipper (angrily to Mabel:) Now is not the time to talk about the Lamb dance.
Wendy Lamb costume? The small ears and tail, or is ...?
Dipper Uh, uh, uh ...
Mabel (Holds up picture) will sing for the scoop jump around and grazing.
Wendy (phone beeps) Oh, look! Stop 'time! Waitin 'for me in the gang.
Dipper Wait a second! Why Do not we come with you?
Wendy Oh, I do not know. My friends are pretty intense. How old did you say you are?
Dipper We're outnumbered! So, technically puberty.
Wendy Okay. I like your MOXY, kid! Let my stuff. (leaves)
Mabel Since we are outnumbered? This is the leap year?
Dipper , Mabel Gaza. The cool kids, you know, is the opportunity to play with. And Wendy and whatever.
Mabel I knew it! You love her! (dances around Dipper, points at him and sings:) Love Love Love Love Love!
Dipper Oh hey, what's up? (points)
Mabel Huh?
Dipper (Flips Mabel's hair over her face)
Mabel (through hair) bleh , bleh , bleh.
(Cuts to teens outside.)
Lee and Nate (Holding up Thompson.) At times! At times!
Thompson Come on! Hurry!
Robbie (Gets ready to throw jelly bean)
(Bean hits Thompson in the belly button.)
Robbie (Looks at his bean in confusion)
(Shows that Wendy was the one who threw the bean. Wendy straightens up from her throwing position, smiling)
Lee and Nate Wendy!
Nate Wendy! Wendy!
Wendy Hey guys! These actions, in Lovell and dipper is my friend.
Mabel It looks like the brain, so I chewed my gum! Blah! (Sticks out her tongue, which has a wad of gum on it)
Dipper She's not a lot about this man and the other a first impression! (points at himself) ...This guy...
Robbie so, Babysitting, like,
Wendy Come lobby or -? Guys, this is Nate Lee.
Lee and Nate (punch each other and laugh)
Wendy Tambry.
Tambry (texting) Hey...
Wendy once ate a waffle with Thompson Run for 50 cents each.
Thompson Do not tell them that!
Wendy And the lobby. You can probably figure it out.
Robbie Yes, I spray him with water tower painted.
Dipper Oh, you mean the large muffin!
Robbie Well, it's a huge explosion.
Everyone (Looks at water tower)
Lee Ha ha! Not as a kind of muffin
Lee and Nate (Laugh)
Robbie (glares at Dipper)
Wendy Now, let's hurry yaedeulreul. Tonight has a great plan!
Everyone (gets into the car)
Dipper (goes over to the passenger seat and sees Robbie there)
Robbie Sorry kids, it's okay, I ride shotgun?
Dipper (gets into the back with Mabel)
Thompson Just before our love, Mom Thompson said you can not punch a longer roof, so ...!
Teens except Thompson (punches roof) Thompson! Thompson!
Thompson (Drives the car)
Mabel (Takes pen from Dipper. Crosses out, "You can smell it!" on her door. Writing: You You look nice today, ha!.) (Speaking:) The burst someone's heart!
Dipper Mabel, please!
Mabel What, your new GIRLFRI- right and embarrass you in front!
Dipper (slaps hand over Mabel's mouth. Pulls it away) Did you lick my hand?
(Cut to Stan sitting in front of TV)
TV announcer Granny in black and white period piece you're watching a boring movie channels!
Stan Hey guys! I can not find the remote control, I refuse to stand up! 'KIDS
TV announcer helmsman as the "Duchess" and Grampton St. Rumpterfrabble "Saunterblugget Hampterfuppinshire!" Friday night in Sturly Stembleburgiss starring film "The Duchess favor," Please enjoy cycle'!
Stan KIDS!
(The Duchess Approves begins)
Stan No! No !?
(Cut to the teens and the twins standing in front of the Dusk 2 Dawn fence.)
Wendy There it is, with friends! Condemnation dusk to dawn!
Lee and Nate Ha! Cool!
Mabel Nitto!
Dipper Why do they end it was like a health code violation, or -
Lee Try a murder!
Nate Yes, some people will die, since the place is haunted!
Mabel The town has a colorful history!
Dipper You guys serious?
Wendy Yes! We'll all be dead! Relax! (punches Dipper friendly) It's not as bad as visible!
Cut to a sign that says "No invasion. Violators will be prosecuted." The word "Prosecuted is crossed out and "Dead" is written there. Fast forward to everyone over the fence but Dipper and Lee. Dipper is straddling the fence
Wendy Scoop, come on!
Dipper Okay, okay! Just ... just get a foothold
Robbie friend, did your sister!
Mabel (Running on the ground sideways in a circle) WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP!
Lee (Climbs up behind Dipper) Hey, you know what to do. Just ... (Throws Dipper off the fence) there you go. Ha! S- sorry friends!
Nate Just as well, throwing fence child genius!
Lee Mom Wow ... a genius!
Wendy (Looks in the window of the store) This place is amazing!
Robbie (Tries to open door) I thought of the meal ..!
Dipper Let me crack it!
Robbie Oh, yeah. I can not get in, but I'm a junior here that Hercules break down like it!
Wendy Leave him, come on. He's just a little kid.
Dipper (Walks around to dumpster. Jumps up on it. Walks up the roof to the vents. Punches it)
Mabel Go to the scoop! Get this metal thing!
Dipper (Punches the vent cover into the vents. Walks inside)
Wendy Come get easily scoop!
Robbie Who wants to bet he does not it?
Dipper (Walks out door. Gestures for everyone to go inside)
Lee Good call this little michigwangyieul invitation!
Nate The new name is Dr. fun time!
Mabel (High fives Dipper)
Wendy (Punches Dipper friendly) Well done!
Dipper (Skips inside after everyone else)
Thompson Do you guys think is really haunted?
Nate Me! Thompson is a joke?
(The sign mysteriously turns from "Yes, we're open" to "Get lost! We're closed". Commercial break)
Wendy Wow man, I'm more than thrilled with imagination!
Mabel (Wipes dust off change slot. Licks the dust off her finger) Yep. It's dust.
Dipper (Wipes dust off newspaper)
Lee Dude, where do you think they keep the body?
Nate (shoves Lee) Shut the f*ck up!
Wendy Hey, look! You think this still work?? (turns on lights)
Teens (Muttering positive things about the store)
Mabel Jackpot!
Dipper So, we're gonna do now to do?
Wendy We want to do.
(Everyone throws food at each other. Then, they sit in a circle and pop mints into a Pit Cola bottle. It explodes and everyone cheers)
Mabel (Runs around corner) Oh, my God! Deep Smile! I thought this stuff was banned in the United States!
Dipper Maybe they had a good reason. (Gets hit by a balloon full of food. Runs off)
Mabel (Puts the stick into the the Smile Dip. Looks at the stick, then pours the entire package into her mouth)
(Wendy and Dipper are eating ice pops on a shelf.)
Nate (offscreen) Hey, come on, we're ready!
Thompson I'll do it between whatever it!
Wendy (Laughs) Thompson! Scoop, this is the night, a legend.
Dipper Really?
Wendy Just look around. People are combined.
Lee and Nate (stuffing ice into Thompson's pants)
Wendy I have never seen her look in a phone Tambry long.
Tambry (Looks up from her phone for a second)
Wendy And my sister seems to go nuts deep smile.
Mabel Oh, maybe I was too much. What do you think?
Cut to Mabel's hallucination, she is in a valley that changes colors, and crazy pop music plays in the background
Flavor pup (speaks gibberish)
Flavor pup #2 Are you sure you want to eat my candy?
Mabel Of course, a little angel. (eats paw)
Cut to real life. Mabel is chewing on air.
Wendy You are not sure if you are new to our crew to stop, but to know the scoop, you are surprisingly mature for your age.
Dipper Yes, yes I am. (smears ice cream on face)
Lee Hey guys! We need more ice! (Shows Lee shaking a bag of ice over Thompson's pants)
Dipper You got it! (Jumps off the shelf and walks over to an ice freezer. He takes a bag of ice, but looks up to see some sort of Cooler monster) Ah! (drops the ice and closes the door. Gasps and looks back at the door. He slowly opens the door again but the Cooler Monster is not there)
Lee What is that? I scream back here some lady thought.
Nate You damn kids?
Dipper No, I do. I'm fine. Everything's cool.
Robbie So's how this whole thing? (Points to the spilled ice)
Dipper That is, uh, uh, uh ... hey a look! The redundant pants revolution! The trick people to exercise game!
Teens (Mumble in agreement and walks over to play it)
Dipper Haha yeah let him play in the All-can. (Turns around and looks at the cooler's door. Then turns around again and walks to the video game)
Cuts to Thompson playing Dancy Pants Revolution, and everyone cheering him on
Dancy Pants Dance! Hurry!
Lee and Nate Move it! Move it! Move it! Move it! Move it!
Wendy Wow. He is terrible.
Dipper Yeah, heh. In other words, it is great. (Looks into a glass door, and sees the reflections of Wendy, Robbie, Tambry, Thompson and himself. Their skin, however, is replaced by bones, and Dipper rubs his eyes and everything is back to normal) I'll be back soon. (Runs off to use a telephone) Grunkle Stan, pick-up, come on! Oh, he's doing!?
Cuts to Stan watching The Duchess Approves.
Duchess I duke, or people, or does not care about his Prince Lionel Cornwall! I'm not afraid anymore, Mother!
Mother Duchess, I forbid you.
Stan (Eats ice cream)
Duchess I'm also may be an ... Duchess girl! (Takes her hat off to reveal her long hair flying in the wind)
Stan Yes! Yes! Elizabeth your face! Just like in my life! ... How ...
(Cuts to the phone hanging from the cord and Dipper walking over to Mabel)
Dipper Mabel, I need your advice. We're playing at the convenience of the ghost, I can not get a hold of Grunkle Stan, if I say anything about this man they just think I'm scared little kid or something!
Mabel (Makes a gurgling sound with Smile Dip all over her face, clothes, and her eyes small and green)
Dipper Marvell?
Zoom in on Mabel's face as music plays in reverse, fade to her hallucination, she flying on something, and crazy pop music from before plays
Mabel The future! ... To the past! After Aoshima!
Aoshima (Moves its fists in a circular motion, its mouth opens to reveal a fist coming out of them, and the fist's open out and spit out rainbows)
Cut to real life
Dipper (Shakes Mabel) Marvel! How many of these have you eat !?
Mabel Bleven .. for ...
Dipper Oh, my God. (Drops Mabel) This person, this person, Man.
Robbie (Cuts to Robbie using a quarter to scratch lottery tickets) Ha! Ha, ha, ha! (Drops the coin and it rolls onto the floor and stops in front of a white line. Robbie goes to pick it up but stops) Wow guys, I want you to be displayed.
Teens and Dipper (Gathering around the tape markings of Pa and Ma's bodies and talking to each other)
Lee Such rumors are true!
Dipper (gulps)
Robbie (to Lee:) Hey, I dare lying to you.
Nate (to Lee:) Great idea! Go lay there!
Lee I'm a dead body, look! (walks over to the markings)
Dipper Wait a second! Maybe let's not do that in.
Nate This guy is scared!
Dipper All I'm saying why tempt fate? I mean ... what if this place is really ... a ghost?
Teens Boo! Oh come on!
Robbie Yeah, down the steps, Captain Buzz-Kill!
Dipper I thought Dr. fun time.
Robbie Well, you're acting like a captain buzz kill! Right?
Lee and Nate (nod)
Wendy Yes, a little..
Tambry (texting:) Status update: trapped in a store with a crazy 9-year-old.
Dipper I am 9 years old is not! (lies down in tape markings) I'm 13! Technically large!
The tape markings light up and the lights go out. Tambry looks up and dissolves
Dipper (picks up her phone, reading from it:) Status update: AAAAUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHH !!!!
Tambry (appears on security camera screen) Ah Mr BKnew yourfather I did! !!!
Teens and Dipper Aha!
(commercial break)
Tambry Ah Mr BKnew yourfather I did! !!!
Wendy Tambry! Tambry!
Dipper You can listen to us!?
Tambry (looks around in confusion)
Lee We are to do what !?
Nate I do not know the man! I do not know!
Robbie But let's go already!
Wendy Thompson!
Thompson Wait a second! I've got a little high score!(dissolves and reappears inside the game) What?
Dancy Pants It's time to shake what your mama gave you!
Thompson No! So many arrows!
Dancy Pants (Throws arrows down on Thompson) You are the dancing machine!
Thompson No! You are the dancing machine! (cries)
Wendy Thompson!
Robbie Forget about them! Come on!
The doors close
Wendy (tries to open the door but can't) Hey guys ... it's locked!
Robbie Come on! (Throws the cash register at the doors, but it dissolves and green light flies at Robbie)
Dipper Wait a second! I'm certain this is a must have for any kind of reason! (opens 3) If we can figure out what it is, maybe I will for us at this place!
Robbie "Oh - hey, we will place us in!" Yeah, that's a lot of sense!
Wendy I do not know this guy, maybe he did it!
Lee (sarcastically) That's right, I'm sure the ghost just wants to talk about his feelings! (dissolves and reappears on a cereal box)
Cereal box Toucan I'm mad that you eat alive! (holds up spoon and stabs Lee)
Nate Lee! (to the ghost) Okay, okay ... I'm with your child! 100% of people!
Pa (through Mabel, deep voice:) Welcome to.
Dipper, Nate, Robbie, and Wendy (scream)
Dipper They're Mabel!
Pa (through Mabel, deep voice:) Your grave, welcome to young intruders. (kicks legs and laughs)
Wendy We are sorry for the super playing in your shop!
Dipper Yes! Can we now go away forever??
Pa Well... okay. You're free to go. (opens doors) But before you leave, hotdogs half away now. I know, but you can try the hazard crazy dog!
Nate and Robbie (scream and run for the door)
Pa Just kidding selling hot dogs!
Nate Just let us already here!
Pa I do not like your tone!(dissolves Nate)
Nate (reappears as a hot dog on the stove) No! I'm a hot dog!
Pa It begins. (floats everything to the ceiling) Forever Welcome to your home!
Wendy Scoop, What should we do ?!
Dipper Duck!
Dipper and Wendy (duck to avoid a flying shelf)
Wendy (points) Look! There!
Dipper and Wendy (run to a tipped over ice machine and hide inside and pant)
Wendy hey are what you want from us?!
Dipper I think revenge?
Wendy We did something wrong?
Dipper Okay, let's try to figure out the pattern here. The reason is that each person taken: Tambry Thompson playing a video game, a character has a message, Lee was irony, does not make any sense!
Wendy Yes! I mean, it all just ten kinds of normal.
Dipper Wendy, says the last part again.
Wendy Usually ten days?
Dipper Of course! Stay here until I get back! (crawls out of the freezer)
Wendy Hey, what are you doing ?!
Dipper Look at the ghost!
Pa (twists Mabel's head around to face Dipper, then turns the rest of her body towards him)
Dipper I've got to say you want to! I'm not a teenager!
Pa (drops everything that's floating and appears holding Mabel by her hair with Ma) Ho Ho Ho! So why did not you tell me? (drops Mabel into a pile of candy)
Mabel (Falling:) WOW! (lands in the candy and rubs her head) Oh ...
Pa How old did you say you had?
Dipper (reluctantly:) I am technically a teenager, I'm twelve.
Ma When we were living, youth were whipped to our store!
Pa Always his booming box and rude shorts' sassafrassin! (flashbacks to the day he and Ma died) So we decided to up and prohibited! (Pa in the flashback places a sign labeled "NO TEENS" on the store window) However, they retaliated by this new strange rap music.
Ma (in the flashback, hugs Pa) Lyrics, they were so hateful!
90's Teens (in the flashback, dancing to the rap:) Beat the homework, so the rules! You're a fool to put the shirt!
Pa (in the flashback:) NO!
Ma It was so shocking, we suffer under a double heart attack!
Ma and Pa (in the flashback, clutch their chests and collapse, dead)
the flashback ends
Ma (brightly:) That's why we do not like too many young people! We do not make honey?
Ma and Pa (nuzzle)
Dipper But they are my friend, I do not have what you can do to help them?
Pa There is one thing. Do you know what the funny little dance?
Dipper Uh ... the 'other' nothing 'is' What can I do?
Pa (lights himself on fire) NOOOO!
Dipper Okay, okay, okay! Hmm ... Well, I know ... (reluctantly) Lamb Lamb dance. BU is - but I really do lamb costume, I can not do it! (folds his arms, happy to be out of it)
Pa (snaps his fingers and Dipper is in a lamb costume)
Dipper Oh, yeah ... there. (takes a deep breath, sings the Lamby Lamby Dance) Well ...

Who wants the Lamb of Lamb of Lamb?

I do! I do!

Mami Mami Mami so you go say hi!

Hi there! Hi there!

So march march march around the daisy ...

Pa Yes, yes! And more! And more!
Dipper (marching and singing:) Do not you, do not forget about the baby! (sweating, winks)
Pa That's really nice, feminine dancin 'boy! You've got a friend for free.
Dipper (In normal clothes) So I'm coming so ... , you do not think you have to worry about us coming back.
Ma and Pa (disapear and allow everything to fall back to the floor and freeing the teens)
Mabel Uhh ... I'm not eating anything again
Dipper Hey! (picks up a package of Smile Dip) Still have some!
Mabel (slaps it out of his hand) The devil!
Nate (to Wendy) How crazy is, after all - what happened?
Wendy You do not would never believe it! Ghost appeared (laughing:) and scoop ... (sees Dipper looking at her) er, I mean, the scoop was just holding the bat, just started hitting the left and right, down, and demons, ghosts are all scared, just It had run like two little girls on the street!
Nate Great! Dr. fun!
Wendy (turns to Dipper and zips lips)
Dipper (zips lips)
cut to everyone except Dipper and Wendy sleeping in the van
Wendy Well, maybe I hurt for life.
Dipper Yeah, pretty crazy.
Wendy I think everything went back to staring at the wall thinking for a while. Hey, we're playing, you can stay in this mysterious shack next time. Okay?
Dipper Next time? Yah! Let's play in this cabin! (gets in the car, to himself:) Then ...(gets in the car and sits next to Mabel)
Mabel ohhh ... (sees the thing she wrote earlier) What kind of a sick joke?
the car drives away from the store, and the lights go out in the store
Stan (In front of the TV) Oh, the wedding. I waited so long for this. Oh, look at her dress! (angrily:) Lionel count? He doing here ?!
Count Lionel (from TV) I've come to reclaim my bride!
Stan You you have your chance at the ball!
Man (from TV) You you have your chance at the ball!
Stan That's what I mean! UuuaaaAAAAGGGHHH!
Outside, Dipper and Mabel are walking to the door. The television flies out the window and nearly hits them.
Stan I can not find the remote.
Episode ends
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