Even though no one reads these, I will continue making them.

Synopsis: Life-size wax statue when someone tamper of Mabel, she sets out to find and scoop the culprit. On the other hand, Grunkle grieving over the loss of his wax Doppler Stan.

The episode opens to Dipper and Mabel in the living room, watching a show on television called Duck-tective. While watching the television program, Mabel knits a new sweater and Dipper eats popcorn from a bowl. Mabel reaches for some popcorn, but Dipper slaps her hand.
Police Man (On TV:) I will continue to need your services's already here. My men were examining the evidence, this is certainly an accident.
Duck-tective (Starts quacking, the subtitles read:) Accident, police? Or are the following: murder!
Police Man What ?!
TV announcer Ducktective return after these messages.
Mabel (drops her sweater and gasps) That duck is a genius!
Dipper Uh, make it easier to find a clue when you're close to the ground.
Mabel Are you saying that you can prod Ducktective uipyo?
Dipper Mabel, I have a keen observation of tactile force. For example, just as breath odor, can you come to eat a whole tube of toothpaste you ...?
Mabel (her mouth covered in sparkling toothpaste) Was too shiny…
Soos (Runs in) Hey, guys, I'm not sure what I found!
Dipper Buried treasure!
Mabel Hey Buried- (laughs and pushes Dipper playfully) I did say that!
Soos (Leading the twins to a door) So, when I was cleaning I found a secret door hidden behind the wallpaper. It's crazy creepy spirit out! (Opens the door)
The room is filled with several different wax sculptures.
Dipper (Shining a flashlight around) Whoa! It's a secret Wax Museum!
Mabel They seem so alive.
Dipper (points to Stan Pines) Except for one.
Stan Hi there!
Dipper, Mabel and Soos (scream in surprise)
Stan (chuckles) It's me your Grunkle Stan!
Dipper, Mabel and Soos (scream even louder in fright and run away)
Cut to theme song.
Stan Look gravity falls wax museum! It was one of our most popular tourist attractions ... Before I forget all about it. I got them all! Genghis Khan, Sherlock Holmes, what kind of, I do not know the goblin men?
Dipper (shivers) Is anyone else getting the creeps in here?
Stan And now my personal favorite mind: Wax Abraham Lincoln, (looks at the melted glob of wax on the floor, which is under sunlight from the window above it) aah suffering! Ah! Leaving the blinds open, come on? Wax John Wilkes Booth, I'm lookng your way! (bends down, puts finger in wax sadly, sighs) How do I fix the wax figure?
Mabel , Grunkle Stan aura. Where's that smile?
Stan Uh.
Mabel Beep, rice, boop! (Cheerfully pokes Stan in the face)
Stan Ouch.
Mabel Do not worry Grunkle Stan. I'll make you a new wax figure, all the old wax!
Stan You really think you can make this one of your puppies?
Mabel Grunkle Stan, I'm Arts and Crafts master. Why do you think I always have a glue gun stuck in my arm? (Holds up her arm, which has a glue gun glued to it. Shakes her arm) Eugh, Eugh!
Stan I like your enthusiasm, kid!
Mabel I do not know whether the word is supposed to mean, thank you!
Cut to Dipper drinking soda pop and walking towards Mabel.
Mabel Scoop!
Dipper (Starts choking on the soda he was drinking)
Mabel What do you think about my idea wax figure? (shows Dipper a drawing that she sketched in her sketch-book) She is part fairy princess and parts say fairy princess!
Dipper Maybe you need to carve something in real life.
Mabel (shows Dipper another sketch that she created) Large weapons and waffles, like!
Dipper Y- yeah ... Or, you know, something. - Like to like someone in the family.
Stan Guys, have you seen my pants? (poses on a briefcase)
Mabel Oh, Muse. You work in mysterious ways.
Stan Why is my sister talking on the ceiling?
Cut to a montage of Mabel busily working on Wax Stan.
Mabel (moves back to admire her work) I think it needs ... more shiny.
Soos Agreed. (hands Mabel a bucket of glitter)
Mabel (Tosses the entire bucket onto the statue)
Stan (walks in with his pants on but not his shoes) I have found in my pants right now- (Notices Wax Stan) oh missing! (falls over)
Mabel What do you think?
Stan I think ... the business of the wax museum again!
Cut to Soos leading people to see the grand opening of the Wax Museum. Dipper is working in the stand with Wendy.
Dipper I can not believe this many people showed up.
Wendy I know, right? Uncle probably bribed them or something.
Dipper He copies me. (Holds up dollar)
Wendy (Holds up a dollar)
Stan (clears throat over the microphone) All of you, you know me! Town darling, "said a mystery." , Women to control their own!
Cut to three women in the audience staring blankly ahead, flies swarming around them.
Stan As you know, I've always fair novelties town and befuddlements, brings the lovers in this world ever known. But enough about me. See ... me! (uncovers Wax Stan)
Soos (Makes a fanfare sound on his keyboard, then makes a "Ye-ah! Ye-ye-ye-ye-ye-ah!" sound.)
Two people in the audience politely clap and someone coughs.
Stan And now a word from our own Mabelangelo!
Mabel It is Mabel. (Takes microphone) Thank you for coming! I took a piece of my own two hands! It's sweat, tears, my blood and other fluids covered!
Audience Ugh! Ewwww!
Mabel (chuckles) Yes. Now to the question! (Points to McGucket) You there!
Old Man McGucket Senior McGucket, local geek. Are wax figures alive? In addition, a follow-up question, can I survive the wax man revolt?
Mabel Yes ... Well! The next question! (points to Toby)
Toby Determined Toby decided, Gravity Falls Gossiper. Do you really think that constitute the wonders of the world?
Stan Mike Tobey, turkey buster.
Toby Determined It is certainly IS.
Stan the next question. (points to Shandra)
Shandra Jimenez Shandra Jimenez, the real journalists. Your flyer promised a pizza for admission to this event for free. Is this true?
Audience That's what I'm thief ..! ... Come on! Says to me! ... Pizza? ... Want my pizza!
Stan It was a typo. Good night, everyone! (Uses a smoke bomb to escape, taking the admission fee with him)
Audience (Leaving)
Free Pizza Guy (Sadly walks off)
Manly Dan (furiously punches a pole) Your face! 'IN'
Mabel 'I'm fine, I guess.
Cut to the Mystery Shack, where Stan is counting the money he got
Stan Hot pumpkin pie! Look at all this money! And one man, all debts to the people! (Points to Wax Stan)
Mabel (Jokingly punches Stan)
Stan Ooh! (Noogieing her) Oh! So, too, a little later, gremlins. Now wash the children. We got another long day tomorrow Rubes fleecing. Go, go! (sighs) Children.
Poilce Man Well, duck tective, it was really you 'if' seems 'quacked'.
Duck detective (Starts quacking, subtitles read:) Do not patronize me.
Stan (laughing) Silly duck! Well, that's all I use zone. What should you do? (Laughs) I love this guy! Do not you go anywhere.
Cut to Dipper and Mabel brushing their teeth
Mabel Scoop, you want to be a toothbrush competition?
Dipper Okay.
Stan (starts screaming from downstairs, offscreen) No ... No ... No!
Dipper and Mabel (Look at each other and go downstairs)
Stan Wax Stan! He was ... m- killed! (clock bongs)
Mabel (faints)
Stan (explaining to the police officers) I got to use the right John? And when I come back, blammo! He does not have hair!
Mabel So my professional handicraft bath. (Crying) Dishonor.
Dipper Who did he do this?
Deputy Durland Your opinion, what is the sheriff Blubs?
Sheriff Blubs We love to help people, but you will now have to be realistic, look at ... In this case, it is impossible to solve.
Dipper, Mabel and Stan What ?!
Stan The sheriff Blubs you again!
Dipper You're kidding me, right? The evidence must be motivated. You can help me if you want, I know.
Mabel He's really good. He who knows to eat our cans!
Dipper All signs pointed goats.
Stan Yes, yes, yes boys help. He got up a little brain in his head.
Sheriff Blubs Woo! You will have to see what we have here! City boy with a father he thought solve the riddle of cool computer mobile phone!
Deputy Durland City boy! When boy '!
Sheriff Blubs Adorable love you!
Dipper Lovely?
Blubs and Durland (Laugh)
Sheriff Blubs Love for you to leave, research methods in adults, look for PJ?
Man (Over Blub's walkie talkie:) All the crew. Steve tries to fit the whole melon in his mouth. , Repeat the entire melon!
Deputy Durland It's 23-16!
Sheriff Blubs Come on!
Blubs and Durland (Run off)
Dipper The words! Lovell is, you and I have done this and found a fool, you will get the head back. Then we'll look lovely. (sneezes)
Mabel Oops, you sneeze like a cat!
Cut to the next morning. Dipper and Mabel are studying the crime scene
Dipper To find it waxes Stan lost his head and our maximum.
Mabel (takes pictures)
Dipper There were a lot of customer complaints to the announcement. The killer could be anyone.
Mabel Yes! We!
Dipper In this town, you can not do anything. Ghost before we find our first clue, zombies, it could be months.
Mabel Hey, look! Cues.
There are shoeprints in the carpet.
Dipper F*ck footprint carpet!
Mabel That's weird. They have a hole in them
Dipper And they lead to ...
There's an ax on the floor
Dipper and Mabel (Gasp, then look at each other.)
Cut to the twins in the gift shop with Soos.
Dipper and so, do you think?
Soos The ax followed by my thoughts.
Mabel Wait a minute. Lumberjack!
Dipper and Mabel Of course!
Flashback to Manly Dan punching the pole
Manly Dan 'FACE' your IN '!'
Dipper (In present) He was 'furious' that he was not free pizza.
Mabel Gallop enough anger to' murder!
Soos Oh, you mean manly daenreul. Yes, this crazy intense co bike up in the city.
Mabel Where we're going and we 'That'.
Soos Dude, this is awesome. You two are the like: Mystery Twins!
Dipper Do not call us that.
Dipper and Mabel (Walk outside)
Stan (Pulling a coffin out of his car) Hey, I will later, give a hand in the coffin? I'm morally service running on 'Wax Stan. Something small but classic. (pulls the coffin out of the car)
Dipper Sorry, Grunkle Stan, but we have a great opportunity in the case!
Mabel If the brake!
Dipper Now we are heading in the interrogation city killer.
Mabel We have an axe! (Show Stan the axe in Dipper's bag) REE, REE, REE!
Stan Well, it looks like it was kind of responsible parent is not what you want. Work well, I'm an uncle. Or a child revenge! Me revenge!
Cut to the town, Dipper and Mabel are sneaking near the Skull Fracture.
Dipper This is the place. (Gasp when the guard looks at him) Do you have a fake ID?
Mabel (Gives him one)
Dipper (Looking at ID) Here goes nothing.
Skull Fracture bouncer (Looks at an ID card) Sorry, we do not provide the miners.
Miner Dang is killing me! (spits on the road and walks off)
Mabel (She and Dipper walk up) We are happy to interrogate the timber jack for the murder of a man down Dan Stan wax. (She and Dipper show their fake ID cards. Mabel jingles hers) Dedledle-E.
Bouncer Works for me. (He open the door for the twins)
Men are fighting inside the Skull Fracture. Dipper and Mabel walk inside and look around.
Mabel (Walks over a body) He is resting.
Dipper Okay, just OK, let's harmony?
Mabel You broth, I got it. (Sits on a chair and talks to a man) Hey, fellow restaurant patron! (Pats his arm) BAP!
Bats Biker It's me!
Manly Dan (Playing an arm wrestling game) Woah ..!
Dipper Manly Dan, just the one I wanted to see. So, where were you last night?
Manly Dan Punchin' the clock.
Dipper You were at work.
Manly Dan No, he punched the clock! (Points to a broken clock outside)
Dipper 10:00, the time of the murder. So, before you have to 'this I've never seen guess what? (Shows Manly Dan the axe in his bag)
Manly Dan For a little girl!
Dipper Hey, I'm actually A-
Manly Dan do not select my teeth into that ax. It's a lefty! I have only my right hand, manly hands and use! (Rips the machine's arm off and beats the machine with it)
Tyler Get him! Get him! Hihihi.
Dipper Left handed...
Mabel and Biker (Looking at cootie catcher Mabel is counting off with) 3, 4, 5, 6.
Mabel (Gasp) Your wife is beautiful is going.
Biker Yes!
Dipper Lovell, a great opportunity if!
Dipper and Mabel (Leave)
Biker But she loves me!
Dipper It is a left-handed ax. These are all our suspect. Dan manly thing we have a killer sense and we can find the suspect with our left hand and right-handed users.
Mabel Oh, come on, we on fire today! Pazaw, Pazaw, Pazaw!
Dipper Let's find the killer. (fist bumps Mabel)
Montage: cut to Mabel waving at McGucket. He has a baby alligator on his right hand as he waves back to her. Dipper lists McGucket as right handed. Cut to Dipper wearing a fake mustache and carrying a package to Free Pizza Man's house. Pizza Man signs Dipper's form and gets excited, only for Dipper to take the package and leave. He is listed as right handed. Cut to Mabel whistling to the Angry Lady and throwing her a baseball. She catches it with her right hand and crushes it. She is listed as right handed. Cut to the twins at Mikey R.'s house. He comes to the door with both hands in casts. His name is just crossed out. Cut to name after name being listed as right handed until the tip of the pencil breaks.
Dipper (Gasp) Lovell is the one left in the list.
Mabel (Gasp) Of course, not all features are added!
The cops and kids go to a house.
Sheriff Blubs You're never going to be good for this child, or to obtain a better end of it.
Dipper The evidence is irrefutable.
Mabel It is an irrefutable so .
Deputy Durland You'll get to use my match stick!
Sheriff Blubs Are you ready? Are you ready for a little friend?
Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland Hilarious! (Both poke each other with their stick)
Dipper On 3! 1, 2, ...
Deputy Durland (Smashes the door open) Yaaaahhhh!
Sheriff Blubs Nobody move! This is an attack!
Toby Determined Aaaahh! (Falls down) Ah! What is this? Type of RAID?
Deputy Durland (Smashes a lamp) Derp!
Dipper Toby decided, you're under arrest for the murder of a wax body of Grunkle Stan.
Mabel There you have the right to our wonderful and impressive detective work. (Hives five with Dipper)
Toby Determined Eliminate attend the feathers of geese eat! I do not understand!
Dipper So you can not explain. (Flashback to the event.) You have to expect that this new attraction will be the story of Stan Grunkle save the failing newspaper. When the show is the lowest point work, you decided to go out and make your own headlines. (In the flashback, Toby chops Wax Stan's head off.)
Mabel (Holding a newspaper with a picture of Wax Stan's head.)
Dipper (Flashback shows Toby's shoe with a hole in it and his turkey baster held in his left hand) But you made a mistake, all the clues pointed shabby trend lefty journalists caught.
Mabel (Crumples up newspaper) Toby's news yesterday, decided.
Toby Determined Boy, you're a little knee conclusions jump from the ... must be sick. (dances) Hachacha! As I do not have anything to death.
Dipper I knew it! Wait what did you say? Nothing? Do not you say anything?
Mabel Can you repeat?
Sheriff Blubs And where the intrusion of the night?
Toby Dtermined What do you mean ... (Inserts a tape into a TV. It starts playing, and we see him taking a cardboard cutout of Shandra Jimenez out of his closet. On the tape:) Finally, we can be alone, a television news reporter Shandra Jimenez paper cutout! (Kisses it)
Cops and kids Eeeewwww! Ugh!
Sheriff Blubs Check the time state. Toby, you're awesome. You are a monster of nature.
Toby Determined Hooray!
Dipper But, however, can be him! Check out the fingerprint ax!
Sheriff Blubs (Checks for finger print on the ax) No fingerprints at all.
Dipper No fingerprints?
Deputy Durland Hey, I have the title for you: city kids a waste of time for everyone.
Adults (Laugh)
Dipper and Mabel (Look at each other, embarrassed)
Toby Determined Boy, if you are, I'm pretty upset.
The video of Toby kissing the cutout of Shandra Jimenez is still playing. Cut to Stan in the wax figure room. He is standing on a stage with a bunch of chairs set up. Dipper, Mabel, Soos, and the wax figures are the audience.
Stan Guys, Soos, thank you for deulwa all life wax figures.
Soos (Blows nose, crying)
Stan Some people are wrong to love someone to tell his wax replica.
Soos (Jumps up) They are wrong!
Stan Easy Soos. Wax Stan, I hope you're pickpocket in wax sky. I'm sorry, I've got glitter in my eyes! (cries and runs away)
Soos (Running after Stan) Friends Ah ...
Dipper (Sigh) the police were right about me.
Mabel Scoop, we've come so far, we can now drill.
Dipper (Stands up and walk to the coffin) But all things considered: weapons, motives, clues. (looks inside the coffin, sighs) Stan wax shoe with a hole in his shoe ...
Mabel All the wax people are. This is where you connect the stand pole thingy dealy.
Dipper Wait, have the holes in the fingerprint without the shoes? ! Marvel murderer -
Wax Sherlock Holmes standing right behind him.
All the wax figures come to life
Dipper (Gasp) Wax Sherlock Holmes! Wax Shakespeare! Wax Coolio?
Wax Coolio What's Holmes?
Wax Lizzie Borden (Takes her axe from Mabel)
Mabel Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
Wax Sherlock Holmes Congratulations, my two amateur detectives, you are not bury the truth, and now we will bury you. Bravo, scoop pine. You've found our little secret. (takes wax Stan's head out of his cape) Applause is all it sends a sarcastic applause.
Wax figures (Applaud)
Wax Sherlock Holmes Uh, no it sounds too serious. Slow clap.
Wax figures (Slow clap)
Wax Sherlock Holmes From there we good to go condescending.
Dipper But ... How did this happen? You're made of wax!
Mabel You ... "" Magic?
Wax Sherlock Holmes (laughs) Do we have the magic '? She wanted to know if we are magic! We're cursed!
Wax Figurines Damn! Damn!
Wax Sherlock Holmes Curses come to life every time the moon waxing. My uncle bought a few years ago we in the garage sale.
Wax Coolio Ghost garage sales, son!
Flashback to the haunted garage sale.
Seller This statue is a terrible price I come, you must warn you.
Stan (Looks at price tag) $ 20 ?! "When you're not looking for them, I just got it.
Seller What?
Stan I was going to steal you.
Flashback showing the wax museum during the day.
Wax Sherlock Holmes (voiceover:) And, Mystery Shack wax collection was born. Days, we will be the plaything of a person.
Wax Coolio (voiceover:) Uncle when I was asleep, we're dominates the night.
Flashback shows the statues messing around the Mystery Shack at night.
Wax Larry King (Flicking Coolio's braids:)
Coolio Hey, I told you to stop.
Wax Larry King Check me!
Wax Sherlock Holmes and Edger Allen Poe (Are in Stan's room while Stan is sleeping. Laughing, snap photo)
Stan (Wakes up) Huh?
Wax Sherlock Holmes and Edger Allen Poe (Freeze)
Stan Uh. (goes back to sleep)
Wax Sherlock Holmes (voiceover:) It ...
Flashback to Stan shaking the empty admission box and putting the wax figures in storage
Wax Sherlock Holmes (voiceover:) In other words, there was a curse for us until your uncle's shop will be closed fascinated life.
The storage room is seen wearing out as time goes by, leaving the door blocked by wallpaper. Soos later comes by sweeping the floor and finds the knob to the storage room. He puts the knob back in its place, dissolve to the Mystery Shack
Wax Sherlock Holmes (voiceover:) We have been waiting for 10 years our revenge on us to lock away stan ...
Flashback to Wax Sherlock Holmes swipes Wax Stan's head off with an ax
Wax Sherlock Holmes (voiceover:) But we got the wrong person.
In the flashback, Stan grumbles and spits as he begins to enter and Wax Sherlock Holmes slips out; the flashback ends
Dipper So ',' You are 'real Grunkle seutaenreul to kill?!
Mabel You were right, and scoop! Wax People 'is' creepy 'it'!
Wax Sherlock Holmes Stop it! Now you know our secret, you have to die ....
The wax figures growl and their eyes roll back in their head. The approach the kids.
Mabel We, we do What to do?
Dipper I do not know!
Dipper and Mabel (Throw stuff on a table behind them at the wax figures)
Mabel (Throws a full coffee maker at them.)
Wax Genghis Khan (Coffee all over him, he is melting) Ah!
Mabel The words! We can melt into the melting things hotty!
Dipper and Mabel (Grab the electric candles behind them and smile)
Dipper Anyone go and we will melt your candles!
Mabel Decorative candles!
Wax Sherlock Holmes You really think you can beat us?
Dipper I really do not know. I'm not - I'm not really sure.
Mabel I guess it is worth a try.
Wax Sherlock Holmes So be it...ATTACK!
The figures begin closing in on the twins. Wax Lizzie Borden swings her ax at Mabel, but accidently decapitates Wax Robin Hood. Mabel walks around her, but Wax William Shakespeare sneaks behind her. Mabel cuts off his hands with the candles, and he runs away. Wax Shakespeare's hands still move, and begin strangling Mabel. Mabel walks over to a door, and repeatably smashes it on it's fingers
Dipper The Larry King interview! (Decapitates Wax Larry King with the candle)
Wax Larry King My neck! My beautiful neck!
Wax Groucho Marx (Touches the candle and his his hand begins to melt) Eh!
Dipper Joke, you're Groucho! (Cuts Groucho in half using the candle)
Wax Groucho Marx (As the top half of his body slides off of the lower half) I've never heard of, but no cutting remarks are ridiculous! Hey, why not have anything in my hands?
Wax Genghis Khan (Runs at Dipper, but misses and runs right into the fireplace.)
Dipper And, Genghis Khan! You fell harder than ... uh ... well, uh, Qin? (Gets up and runs back into the fight) Heh. Yes. Okay.
Mabel (Swings around Wax Coolio's head while getting overwhelmed by Wax figures)
Wax Coolio Ow ow ow ow! What's with him?
Mabel Scoop! Watch out!
Dipper (Cuts Wax Richard Nixon's leg, and sees Wax Sherlock Holmes approach him)
Wax Sherlock Okay. Let's take care of it well. (Puts Wax Stan's head on the horn of a rhino on the wall, and grabs a sword hanging on the wall. He then swings it at Dipper, smacking the candle out of his hand, and breaking it. He swings the sword above his head, and aims it at Dipper)
Mabel Hold it! (Throws a poker to Dipper)
Wax Sherlock (Wax Sherlock brings the sword on Dipper, but is blocked with the poker. Wax Sherlock keeps attacking, while Dipper blocks and is pushed back. Dipper is pushed back into the Attic Floor, and is cornered by Wax Sherlock against the wall) If your family the way, we will once again rule the night!
Dipper (Looks at the window, and, just when Sherlock brings the sword down, jumps through his legs and out the window) Do not expect it!
Wax Sherlock Come back here, you guys!
Dipper (Climbs onto the Mystery Shack sign and Wax Sherlock follows him. Dipper slowly walks across it, while Wax Sherlock swings the sword at him. They clash between poker and sword while trying to maintain balance. Wax Sherlock tries to hit Dipper with it's sword, but Dipper jumps back, and the "S" in "Shack" falls off.)
Wax Sherlock You really think you can fool me baby? I have a bleeding Sherlock Holmes! Have you seen my magnifying glass?! It is a tremendous!
Dipper (Drops the poker and begins to climbs off the sign, and behind it. He hides behind the chimney and looks out to see is Wax Sherlock is there.)
Wax Sherlock (Kicks him down. Raises sword) Any last words?
Dipper Well, you've got some sunscreen?
Wax Sherlock Do you have a sudden? What? (Turns and sees the sun starting to rise. He gasps.) No, it will lead me out? (Begins to melt)
Dipper Maybe you decide to sharp.
Wax Sherlock (Continues to melt) Short pants kids can not catch! No! (Starts melting faster) Fluff! Humbug! Tiiter, total turmoil. Butter noisily. (Everything but the face melts)
Dipper Case closed! (Wipes hands together and the dust makes him sneeze)
Wax Sherlock Ha, ha, ha! You sneeze like a cat! The police were right, you're really cute! Adorable! (Falls off the roof and the splashes)
Dipper E-EW.
Cut to Mabel throwing the remaining parts of the wax figures into the fireplace. Wax William Shakespeare's head is the only noticeable wax figure left
Wax Shakespeare Although we can remain in both groups, the wax man resurrected again!
Mabel What limericks eseoyo the?
Wax Shakespeare Uh ... was there once ... not a friend in Kentucky!
Mabel No! (Throws his head in the fire)
Dipper (Comes to the room Mabel is)
Mabel Scoop! You are right! You finally solved the mystery.
Dipper (Pulls up a chair and takes Wax Stan's head off the wall) We could not have done it without my friends.
Mabel Any criminal scoop, but you are friends.
Dipper What? Who told you that? Do people ever say that? Did you hear it?
Stan (Walks in) Hot Belgian waffles! How things in my shop!?
Mabel Your wax figures turned out to be bad, so we fought them dead!
Dipper Larry King, I cut my throat.
Stan Ha, ha! You kids and your imaginations!
Dipper On the bright side, however, look what we found. (Hands Stan Wax Stan's head)
Stan My head! Ha, ha! I ended up this man! You complete a great kids! Okay, some affection to give to noogie-ING.
Dipper Oh, I'm not too sure about that. Are there any other alternatives ...?
Mabel Uh oh ... I do not really know ...
Stan Ha ha! (Noogies Dipper and Mabel)
Mabel and Dipper Ha, ha, ha!
Deputy Durland and Sheriff Blubs (Drive up to the window)
Sheriff Blubs Yet solved the case, boy? I'm gonna slow down long sip from my cup of coffee, I'm sure that you'll say no. (Takes a long slow sip)
Dipper In fact, the answer is 'yes'.
Sheriff Blubs Blue Blue. (Spits coffee in Durland's face)
Deputy Durland Ah! (Spits coffee in Blubs' face)
Sheriff Blubs Ah! (Spits coffee in Durland's face)
Deputy Durland Ah! (Spits coffee in Blubs' face)
Sheriff Blubs It burns! It burns!
Deputy Durland My eyes!
Sherriff Blubs (Drives away, screaming)
Stan, Dipper, and Mabel (Laugh)
Stan They're boiling!
A crash is heard
Dipper So, do you also get rid of any wax?
Mabel I'm sure 99% of what I was!
Dipper Good enough for me!
The camera moves over to a vent and we see Wax Larry King's head
Wax Larry King's head Huh HA- ha ha ha?
Rat (Walks up to him)
Wax Larry King So you're a rat. Tell me about it.
Rat (Rips off his ear and runs off)
Wax Larry King Hey, come on! (Hops after him) I'm hopping! I'm hopping mice after stealing my ears!
(Cut to credits)
Mabel (In panel above credits) Hmm. Hey scoop, do you have any better idea? Sequins or llama hair?
Wax Larry King (Hops to the vent next to her) Lamar head. Rama is the greatest warrior of nature. (Hops off)
Mabel Thank scoop!
Dipper (Stops reading and looks around)
(Episode ends)
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