The gang is in the woods.

Dipper"Grunkle Stan, why are we here again?"

Stan"You're our guide, you know. You told me about paranormal stuff all summer, and now I'm letting you prove it."

Mabel"Dipper, come on! Let me guide with you!"

Dipper"Not right now, Mabel... Let's see... The ghosts are at the convenience store, but I don't wanna mess with these guys again..."

Dipper's thoughts: "Wait... Why should I search for stuff, when I could just show Grunkle Stan the journal?" Dipper:  "Wait! Grunkle StanPulls journal out of his vest."

Wendy Corduroy"Stan, can I please go?"

Stan"No. No one's going away until Dipper proves himself."

Wendy"Aww, man, that sucks!"

Stan"Hey, don't blame me, It's Dipper's fault!"

Dipper blushes.

Soos: "Dude, can you please, y'know, prove yourself and stuff faster? Night's coming and it's getting cold out here."

Mabel: "Hey, Wendy, you remember the ghosts, right? Well, now Dipper's gonna prove it!"

Wendy: "Oh, alright, cool."

Mabel walks up to Dipper and moves her hands quickly on the journal, so Dipper wouldn't be able to show it to Grunkle Stan.

Mabel"Aww, Dipper, let me guide with you!"

Dipper"No, Mabel, stop doing that!"

Dipper starts trying to get the journal with force, but Mabel doesn't budge. The twins fight over it, and then, they accidentally fall off a cliff. They land (with the journal) in a sparkly blue-brown lake. 'Dipper and 'Mabel feel something's biting them.


Mabel"I second that!"


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