Okay. We all have met those really annoying wiki people with, like, 400 edits but only 12 of them are article edits. (the rest are vague opinions on blogs and message walls.) So in no particular order I will list the super annoying things those people do.

1. They talk like this...

               wAT UP PLAYA?? xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD>?????? U R O COOL XddD I DONT ;P NO WAT 2 DO CUZ U HAS A BIG @ :xxdxdddddddddddd$$!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!? I IS LOLLIN RIT NOWS?????/// XXXDDDDDDDD

2. Whenever someone goees against their ship they write a three sentence (at most) blog about how they are leaving the wiki forever only to come back two hours later and see 20 different comments about how s/he should stay left by people who don't even know said user.

3. People who support gay ships just because they (the ship) is gay.

4. They hate gay ships because they are gay.

5. They put super loud music on their user page. ( And you of course, have your speakers on high and you suddenly here the theme song to my little pony.)

6. They just put " ^ " for blog comments instead of sharing their opinion.

7. They write five different blogs about their personal life and an additionall three about how no one responded. ( One blog is fine for when you need advice but not six!)

8. They start calling people Jesus freaks whenever they say something that supports religion.

9. Whenever they can't think of an argument they just say "HATERS GONNA HATE!!!"

10. They too much info on their user page. (Because everyone is dying to know what there favorite charecters from my little pony are.)

Well, thats it!!! I know I'll get several haters but that just makes you that kind of user.

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