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  • Mabel43201

    I hate my self

    April 18, 2016 by Mabel43201

    All I gotta say is, 12 - 13 year old self is really cringy, man my writing was so bad, jeez, kill me

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  • Mabel43201


    Hi! Okay so ignore the last blog, i'm sometimes not able to go on the wiki as much as before, but I may or may not make the first episode of the Spin off, no hard feelings and most my blogs will probably be random, not random and creepy like that blog 33 made about blood at the end of one of her blog........

    Later peeps!

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  • Mabel43201

    So it looks like i'm making the series, I just hope I don't do it as dumb as my other blogs about GF. My spin series is more of my life mix with stuff I want to happen to me, like having Magical powers XD, so the character are my RP character, Violet Quin, Alyssa cinder (Cousin), Carter (Of course you know her, she's 33 RP Character), another girl based on my friend from school Aurora Bell,Here's the details.


    Main characters:

    Violet Quin, age: 13

    Carter, age:13  

    Aurora Bell, age 12

    Alyssa cinder, age 14 (not for long)

    Side character:

    Laura Cinder (Alyssa's mom)

    Alex martinez (A boy that Violet likes)

    and other characters i'll probably come up with later.


    Summer just begun for the main characters, who will spend there summer vacatio…

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  • Mabel43201

    Spin off

    July 6, 2013 by Mabel43201

    Well hello guys, so I see Totally me245 and Mermaid22 have been making Spin off series and saw Jrsushilovers comment on Mermaid22's blog about probably making on, I always wanted to make one, but IDK if I should, should I make one or not? Please answer.

    And ya most of you know me so this is Mabel43 saying YOU BETTER ANSWER XD BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Mabel43201

    Okay i'm bored so anyways, Hello guys and I'm just asking, Who are your guys is favorite Character and favorite episode in Gravity falls!

    Here's a example:

    Favorite character:Mabel

    Favorite episode: Carpet Diem

    Like i told you i'm bored and it's just a random question.So comment below please!

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