• LunaLoud15


    January 5, 2019 by LunaLoud15

    Hello and welcome to my blog! I probably won’t use it very much... I never do. Anyway, if you are too lAmy to read my profile page, I’m going to tell you about me here! (Don’t try to avoid it, it’s inevitable)

    So what have I done since I joined this wonderful site? Close to nothing. The user here have done a surprisingly good job describing everything. There’s an entire page for ciphers!

    I’m only creative when I’m drawing and that sort of thing. Writing blogs? Forget about it. I’ll try to actually be active, but school starts soon and I’ll most likely forget this even existed. The pages I look at most are Weirdamageddon, Episodes, and Ciphers.

    👓 _ ❓ _|_|_ 💔 / \ ❄️ / \ 💫 —/…
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