I have come to conclusion that I will be leaving wikia once and for all.... well not exactly. I might be on here like once in every 2 month or a month I guess. The reason is sadly I am joining other fandoms and my Gravity Falls feeling is getting kinda unstable due to the hiatus and me joining other fandoms. I am getting less interested on going on here sadly and for a fact I know ruz has left. I have became more interested to focus on my school work and my youtube videos. I just feel like when I go on here the feeling of the joy and the fun had kinda dissapeared... Its pretty upsetting actually. I just feel like I need to retire.... I might quite rp too. 

Jrsushilover7: *slumps down on a wall* 

I just don't know what to do anymore. Am I still a faller? I just ugh! *tears steam down her face* I guess I can thank that people who is still on here. I would like to thank especially tuckyd. The best admin I have ever met. Who was kind and awesome and probably the best person internet friends I have ever met. Well put that second. Number 1 has to go to unown.... 

Well just keep an eye out when I come online... and you know where to find me.

youtube: jrsushilover

instagram: fruityrumpusfactory_faller


twitter: moustachebro

Stay strong guys! 

  • fades away into the wind and all there was was a dusty note* 
  • you walk over to it and pick it up* 

"Thanks for an awesome time here and keep moving guys. You will be awesome!" 

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