Well yeah, starting a new fan made episode since the other one was getting waaaaaaaayyy to confusing. Probably make another one, so I'll be wroking 2 at a time, so yeah maybe. Now I remember Dami making a reverse pines fan made episode and I for one love that au. One of my favorite alternate universe and I always check it out. Anyway if you don't know what it is than... better read to find out. Hehehehehehe... By the way rad Dami's one his is really good. 

update: Oh my god I don't even remember when i posted this BUT SUSH IS BACK! WITH MY EPISODES! YEAH!!! 

Can you keep a secret?

(show the mystery shack) 

Mabel: Hey dip! Think fast!

Dipper: What?

(Dipper turns around and Mabel throws and egg at him)

Dipper: Hey!

Mabel: Hahaha!! 

Dipper: You asked for it!

(Dipper tackles Mabel and tickles her) 

Mabel: Hey- haha sto- stop! Dipper stop! Hahahaha 

(Suddenly Mabel bumps into a vase and breaks it) 

Mabel: Whoops.

(They find a key in the vase)

Dipper: What the... 

(Dipper inspects the key. There is a tag that says room 203) 

Mabel: Room 203? I think there was a painting or that in our room!

Dipper: A painting? 

Mabel: Come on! I'll show you! 

Dipper: Wait! 

Mabel: Hurry before Grunkle Stan finds us! 

Dipper: Fine Fine Fine. *says to himself* Since when was there a painting that said 203?

(In the room)

Mabel: See right there! 

Dipper: I see it Mabel, but why a painting? There's not even a key hole.

Mabel: Dipper Dipper Dipper. Do you ever watch Ducktective? 

(Takes off the painting from the wall which reveal a small door that says room 203) 

Dipper: Oh wow. How did I not think of that? 

(Puts the key in and Unlocks the door) 

Dipper: How many secret rooms are in this house? 

(Dipper and Mabel walks into the dark hall) 

(The further they walk there where scratch marks on the walls, notes everywhere on the floor. Another door and they opened it. In the room there where pictures and notes everywhere)

Mabel: Hey Dipper look at this new paper! 

Dipper: Telepathy Twins opens a new show in Reverse Falls? What the? "The Telepathy Twins' show became a hit sensation and became very populer in Reverse Falls. Their spectacular show became a hit sensation and the fans grew bigger. Who knows how they do it. They are just talented kids!" What is this? 

Mabel: Don't they look like us Dipper? 

(Mabel points at the piture of the telepathy twins. One was a girl with wavy brown hair and they other with brown short curly hair.) 

Dipper: What is this room? 

(Dipper spots a door in the far end of the room)


Mabel: Hehe look at what this note says. "DON'T GO THROUGH THE DOOR!" 

(Dipper picks up 7 notes and all of them says "DON'T GO THROUGHT THE DOOR!"

Dipper: Weird... 

Mabel: Come on lets go through the door! 

Dipper: Wait but the note says not to. 

Mabel: Am I really going to let some stupid note stop me?

Dipper: Um... well...

Mabel: Come on!

(Mabel pulls Dipper's arm and opens the door. A bright lights shines at Dipper and Mabel and they went through the door) 

(at the mystery shack)

AU Pacifica: Hey Gideon

AU Gideon: GAH! Pacifica you scared me. 

(Pacifica pokes Gideon's nose) 

AU Pacifica: Boop! 

AU Gideon: Gah stop! 

AU Pacifica: hahaha! You so funny did I ever tell you that? 

AU Gideon: Yes like the 5th time today. 

(in the other room) 

AU Robbie: Hey guys! You "enemy" is on TV

(They walk into the living room) 

AU Pacifica: *glares at Mabel* Mabel... 

(On TV) 

AU Mabel: The Gleeful twins are proud to present that we are doing a gigantic show tomrrow! Any volunteers can sign up at our house. People who like to take risks will be awesome! 

AU Dipper: *sarcastic* yeah awesome *slow claps* 

AU Mabel: *elbows Dipper* Dipper be nice we got guests, so I hope we will be seeing you tomorrow!  

(Changes to another channel) 

AU Robbie: Oh this is an awesome show wanna watch? 

AU Gideon: Hey Robbie? What are you doing in Uncle Bud's chair? 

AU Robbie: Oh he told me to take a break so I took this awesome looking chair right here. 

(Pacifica looking uneasy) 

AU Pacifica: Gideon you promised we will go out to the forest right? 

AU Gideon: Oh yeah! Just a sec okay? 

AU Pacifica: *rolls eyes* 

(switches to Mabel and Dipper)

(They reach out of the protal which leads to their room) 

Dipper: Huh.. It must lead to our rooms. 

Mabel: Well that was a "big" mystery.... hey.... someone took down my romcom posters and replaced it with Comedy Posters! 

Dipper: Uh oh... 


(storms out the room) 

Dipper: Mabel wait! I have a feeling this isn't our house. 

(They spot Pacifica and Gideon) 

Mabel: What the? What is pacifica doing here!? AND.... why is she so colorful? 

Dipper: Never mind about her fashion they are taking over the shack! 

Mabel: Hey Pacifica! 

Dipper: Hey Gideon! 

( AU Pacifica and AU Gideon turns around) 

AU Pacifca: AHHH IT'S MABEL!! 

AU Gideon: What are the Gleeful twins doing here!? 

Dipper: Don't you what me- wait Gleeful twins? 

AU Pacifica: Gideon they are trying to confuse us! Come on *grabs Gideon and runs out the door* 

Mabel: Yeah thats right! Go run like cowards! *stick tounge out* 

Dipper: Mabel can you come with me?  

(Dipper walks out the door and see a giant billboard that says "Gleeful Twins! Telepathy Twins! They Are "Amazinglee" talented!") 

Dipper: No.... 

To Be Continued.

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