Okay we all have seen the last episode of Gravity Falls haven't we? Well at the end Grunkle Stan said "Here we go" which I think he meant was that the end is just the biggening to a more epic and awesome adventure for Dipper and Mabel, but what really gets me thinking that is there a secret society in Gravity Falls and is Stan in it? Well my guess is that he is a big part of that mystery and I for one think that there is a secret society in Gravity Falls, like it said in the Rumble's Revenge game, but when I was thinking if it was bluffing or telling the truth another question popped into my head. What is the secret society if it was true? and this brings me waaaaaaaaay back to the beginning of seventh grade when I just found out about Gravity Falls. At that time I loved conspiracies (I do know too) so Gravity Falls was a perfect fit, but when I see Bill everywhere I had a sense that this had something bigger than just a show, so I went to the expert (Ruz actually) and asked her about it and she said It's part of the Free Mason, so I did a little reaserch 

Bill Cipher = The Eye of Providence 

Easter star = Gideon's Symbol (well it looks a lot like it) 

Freemasonry Logo = ???? ( i don't know yet) 

So a couple of days ago I did some research about Freemasonry and apparently it use to be a secret society in the world, but now it some kind of orginization for charity and stuff, but I think the Gravity Falls' secret society is based off of that. I mean a secret society that actually use to excist in the world. I mean talk about wow! But who knows I may be wrong, but wait! If stan is not in a society I know that he has a huuuuuuge connection with Old Man McGucket. I mean okay don't get me wrong, but in Land Before Swine when Stan saw McGucket he's like "Ugh not him" and maybe he said that cause he knew he was weird in general orrrrr something happened between them. Ohhhhhhh, but whatever it is it will all be revealed in Season 2 till then I'll be watching you. I ' L L  B E  W A T C H I N G  Y O U 

{Post your theories down in the comments if you have any and I swear no one read through this at all XD} 

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