Hello my name is jrsushilover. As you may know, a lot of people who joined recently never noticed me but people who was one her for a quite a while knows me quite well. That is because I have not been on her lately because I've been gettting very busy lately. I gave out a lot of notice that I will be leaving bu hey, I can never keep my promise. So heres a blog kinda thing saying that I will not be on here lately. 

Another notice I feel like I'm becoming very old even though I'm just in 8th grade. I sound more grouchy and more like .... or whatever kind of thing. I would just like to say do not get offended by that. You're probably talking to me in my.... more... unhappy moods. I was pretty much having that for a whole week now since I was stressed over youtube, and my hw, and my editor friends. So yeah

If you pm and I don't reply to you, don't get upset cause I'm not exactly ignoring you. I'm kinda upset that out chat doesn't have notifications so I don't know if you talking to me, so I get sidetracked with my mvs and I end up not talking at all, so that will happen. 

Just for the new people or "fallers" here is some info about me. 

My name is ***** 

I'm 13 years old

My favorite fandoms are: homestuck, shingeki no kyojin, kyoukan no kanata, gravity falls, dangan ronpa, and so on. 

I love fall out boy and imagine dragons

I have a youtube and I currently make a lot of homestuck mvs lately cause I can't find any good songs for Gravity Falls. (just search up Gravity Falls Mv and a whole bunch will come out) 

I pretty much nice I geuss :| 

Uhhhhhhhh yeah? I geuss 

Well I hope to see you guys soon but I geuss soon will probably be like a couple month I geuss so its more of a goodbye for now 

  • absconds!* 
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