This was actually me first fan made episode. Hope you enjoy and like it. It's an actual page, but I made it into a blog instead.


(At the Mystery Shack)

Mabel: Ugh... I want to eat Smile Dip.

Dipper: Mabel, you do know what happened the last time you ate Smile Dip.

Wendy: Hey guys.

Dipper and Mabel: Hey Wendy.

Dipper: Going anywhere special?

Wendy: No where special, but I'm going to this place with my friends.

Mabel: Where?

Wendy: Oh just an abondened school where people say it's haunted.

Dipper: Haunted *gulp*

Wendy: Chill out man. It's just rumors and besides if it really was haunted I know what to do.

Dipper: Okay, but be safe because I care about you

Wendy: What?

Dipper: Uh... I care about your... shoes, ya

Wendy: Okay. (Confused)

(Wendy leaves)

Mabel: Uh-oh. Somebodies in Love. Love love love love love love love.

Dipper: Not this again.

(Dipper rolls his eyes)

(Theme Song)

(At night)

Wendy: Later Dorks.

Dipper: Later Wendy.

Dipper: *sigh* I wonder what Wendy and her friends are up to.

Mabel: Don't worry Dipper. If something bad happens Wendy will give you a call.

Dipper: Ya I guess your right.

(Wendy by the van)

Robbie: There you are. Thought you're babysitting those freaks.

Wendy: Shut up Robbie. There my friends.

Robbie: What ever. Lets just go.

(In the van)

Thompson: Uh.. Do you think this is a good idea?

Robbie: Thomps, stop being such a baby

Wendy: Robbie, maybe Thompson is right. Maybe this is a bad idea. Like remember we went to the convenience store and thought it wasn't haunted, but it really was?

Robbie: That was one time and trust me this isn't haunted.

Lee: It better not.

(Arrive at the school)

Wendy: Oh man, its even creepier than the convenience store.

(Robbie opens the door)

Robbie: Guys come on.

(Everyone enters and the door slowly closes and cuts to comercial)

(At the mystery shack Dipper and Mabel watching TV)

TV: Ducktective, you don't think it would be a ghost would you?

TV: Quak quak qauk.

Dipper: *sigh* What if the ghost catches Wendy.


Dipper: What if she's not. What if the ghost catches her or she gets send to a different dimension.

Mabel: Ever since you met Wendy that is like the only thing you talk about. Wendy Wendy Wendy. When are you ever going to get over it! She is 15 and your 12! Forget about her! I miss those times when you didn't talk about Wendy. Now thats the only thing that is in your head! Sometimes I feel like you like her more than me.

Dipper: Mabel you know thats not true.

Mabel: Well if its not true than why do you talk about her all the time. You even put us in danger because of her.

Dipper: No I didn't.

Mabel: We almost got killed at the convenience store and a ghost possessed me. Your clones tried to kill you, we messed up time because of her and you almost made me lose Waddles and don't you foget, you were going to ditch me at summerween if it wasn't for that crazy monster.

Dipper: Mabel! I... I... *sigh*

(Mabel walking out)

Dipper: Were you going?

Mabel: Far away from you!

Dipper: Can we at least talk this out?

Mabel: No!

( Dipper sits down on the couch and sees Mabel scrap book and reads it.)

Scrap book: My brother and I are best buds and always will be and nothing could get in our way.

Dipper: *sigh*

(At the school)

Robbie: You see it isn't so bad.

Nate: Hey is anyone hurt?

Wendy: No why do you ask?

Nate: Look!

(Nate points to the ground and sees blood drops)

Lee: Oh my gosh!

(Wendy gets a tissue and wipe the blood)

Wendy: Guys its real blood and its really recent to.

Thompson: Robbie can we go now.

Robbie: Shut up guys.

( Suddenly the Piano plays from the music room and hear foot steps)

Lee: Okay. I should of known this would happen.

Nate: Were not alone.

Wendy: Okay Robbie lets just go! Robbie?

Nate: Guys? Robbie is gone"

(Tambry texting)

Nate: Tambry can you stop texting for just one second.

Lee: Tambry is not here Nate. Nate?

(Tambry and Nate is gone)

Wendy: Lee! Stop talking I'm trying to figue the pattern here.Lee?

Thompson: Wendy? I'm scared.

Wendy: Thompson, don't say anything. Oh no. Thopson? Oh no, I'm going to be next. Ahhh! What do I do? I know! I'll call Dipper he will know what to do.

(Wendy calls the Mystery Shack)

(At the Mystery Shack the phone rings.)

Dipper: Hello?

Wendy: Dipper! I need you help!

Dipper: What! What is it!?

Wendy: Everyone is disappearing and I might be next! What should I-

Dipper: Wendy? Wendy!? Answer me!

(No one answer)

Dipper: They got Wendy!

(Cuts to commercial)

Dipper: Ugh, I need help. I can't go in there alone. Maybe Mabel can help, but I don't know were she went. Ah-ha! I know where Mabel is! In her room.

(Dipper goes to the room)

Dipper: Mabel? I need your help.

Mabel What.

Dipper Wendy is in-

Mabel: Wendy Wendy Wendy. What ever you need my help on I'm not interested.

Dipper: Mabel! You don't understand. Let me finish. Wendy is in trouble. Wendy and her friend got captured by the ghost and went missing. Its up to us to save them.

Mabel: No Dipper. Its up to YOU to save them.

Dipper: What are you talking about Mabel. We're a team.

Mabel: Not anymore. Sorry Dipper, but I'm not joining you.

Dipper: But what about Mystery Twins.

Mabel: Now its Mystery Boy. Good luck saving Wendy and her friends 'cause you'll need it.

Dipper. Fine! Since your not going to help, I'll go by myself.

(Dipper runs out of the Shack and Mabel has tears in her eyes)

Dipper: Stupid Mabel. I don't need her. I don't need anybody.

(Back at the Mystery Shack Mabel watching TV)

Soos: Whats up?

Mabel: Nothing much.

Soos: Dude, you look kinda sad. Anything in your mind?

Mabel: It's just that me and Dipper had a huge fight and went outside.

Soos: Where did he go?

Mabel: The aboned school or something like that to save Wendy and her friends and I want to go but after the fight I don't know if Dipper wants to see me.

Soos: Did you say he went to the abondened school?

Mabel: Ya, why?

Soos: Dude, he is in crazy bonkers trouble.

Mabel: Why?

Soos: Who ever goes in there never comes out. They disappear.

Mabel: What!? That means I won't be able to see Dipper for ever! Can we save Dipper!?

Soos: We got 3 minutes until he's a goner.

Mabel: Well what are we waiting for! Lets get into the van!

(Soos and Mabel run into the van)

Soos and Mabel: Soos and Mabel away!

(Dipper reaches to the school and pulls out flash light)

Dipper: Okay Dipper, courage. Remember this is for Wendy.

( Dipper walks slowly into the school)

(Hears foot steps)

Dipper: Anybody hear? Hello?

Mabel: Hurry!!

Soos: I'm trying!!

(Reaches the school)

Mabel: Come on!

Soos: I'm coming dude!"

Mabel: Dipper where are you?

Dipper: uh... whose there. i'm not afraid of you.

Mabel: Dipper!

Dipper: Mabel?

(Soos apears)

Dipper: and Soos? What are you doing here

Mabel: Were here to save you and we don't have much time! DIPPER, NO!!!

Dipper: *gasp*

(Dipper drops flash light and disspears)

Mabel: DIPPER!!!! NOOOOO!!!! Soos! Where did he go!?

Soos: The ghost took him.

Mabel: What!? Is he going to... to... ugh... I don't feel so good Soos. Soos?

(Soos is gone and Mabel faints by illness and Mabel wakes up in a classroom where Wendy and her friends is there and also Dipper and Soos.)

Mabel: What the, Were am I?

( Everybody has there eyes closed like there dead. Mabel walks over to Dipper.)

Mabel: Dipper, Dipper!!! WAKE UP!!!

(Mabel slaps him in the face)

Voice in room: Shhhh!!!!!

Mabel: What?

( Chalk board has scratch marks that says Welcom Students.)

Voice in Room: Silence!

Mabel: Who are you and what have you done with my friends and especially my BROTHER!!

(A woman appears and looks like a ghost teacher)

Dead Teacher: There here to learn FOREVER!

Mabel: But why?

Dead Teacher: I used to work here 20 years ago, but there was only 23 students total in the whole school. After they all graduated no one came, but I kept the school clean and one day I was walking by the halls of the school and I was old and had a heart attack. I've been roaming the halls of this school for all my after life. When kids come to this school I trap them in this room and teach. While I teach I suck there souls until they are almost dead.

Mabel: Don't you ever want to go to like heaven or something like that?

Dead Teacher: I can't. I need some one to pass a test about Gravity Falls, but since no one past for the past 20 years, I gave up trying because I know no one can answer them.

Mabel: Uh... maybe I can pass the test.

Dead Teacher: Ya right. Like a nine year old can pass a test about the past of Gravity Falls.

Mabel: Yes I can and by the way i'm 12 not nine.

Dead Teacher: Well my bad. ( saying sarcastically)

Mabel: But instead of letting you go to heaven, I need something in return. I want all my friends and brother alive again and you have to let us free.

Dead Teacher: Fine, but if you fail all of you are staying here forever.

Mabel: Fine. It's a deal.

Dead Teacher: I will ask the question and you have to answer.

Mabel: Lets do this.

Dead Teacher: Who found Gravity Falls?

Mabel: Quintin Trembley.

( Dead teacher has a smirk)

Dead Teacher: That is... Correct!?

Mabel: What can i say, I'm always right.

Dead Teacher: We'll see about that. How did he find Gravity Falls?

Mabel: He found it be falling off a cliff.

Dead Teacher: Was he a president of the United States?

Mabel: Yes! He was the 81/2 president of the U.S. and was considered and the most silliest president of the United States.

Dead Teacher: What law did he make

Mabel: The Depantsipation Proclaimation!

Dead Teacher: What did he declared war on?

Mabel: On pancakes

Dead Teacher: How did he win the election?

Mabel: By a land slide! Literally

Dead Teacher: Is he on any Dollar Bill?

Mabel: The -12 dollar bill

Dead Teacher: Final question. Tell me his most famous speech.

Mabel: He said ,"The only thing we have to fear is giant, man-eating spiders."

Dead Teacher: I can't believe it! You got it all correct! I'm finally free!

Mabel: Now what about my friends?

Dead Teacher: Oh ya. Them

( Dead Teacher snaps her fingers and Mabel wakes up in Robbie's van)

Mabel: What the? Dipper wkake up!

Dipper: What? Where am I?

( Everyone starts to wake up.)

Dipper: Wendy! You're Okay! I mean... your shoes are okay.

Wendy: What happened to that old lady and what you guys doing here?

Soos: Whats up guys?

Wendy: And Soos!? What are you doing here?

Mabel: We came to save you because you guys disappeared and I had to take a test from the Ghost Teacher so I can set you guys free and I passed!

Wendy: Wow seems like a crazy dream. Ow! Oh man! I have a huge head ache! Robbie take us home.

Robbie: Slow down babe. We haven't seen all of the school.

Wendy: Robbie, take us home NOW.

Robbie: Okay! Yeesh.

(Robbie drives off)

Dipper: Hey sorry for, you know, about you know who.

Mabel: No, no, no. I should be sorry for getting mad at you when you were only worrying about you know who.

Mabel: Are we cool?

Dipper: Were cool.

Mabel: Wait, do you know were Grunkle Stan is?

Dipper: Probably sleeping for the whole time.

Mabel: Ya.

( Changes scene and shows Stan sleeping and he suddenly wakes up)

Stan: Kids!

( Stan falls back to sleep)

The End.

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