Well I know some of you might watch doctor who and I actually don't but, I saw a clip of an episode and I thought it would be very good, so I present to you "wheeping angels" DUN DUN DUUUUUN!!!!


Stan: KIDS!!! GET IN THE CAR!!!!

Dipper: Where are we going ini 7:00 in morning?

Mabel: Why you so grumpy? Its a beautiful day!

Dipper: Yeah, another day to get you head chomped off!

Mabel: Don't worry Stan. He is just grumpy cause yestuday he turned kinda into a ghost.

Stan: Yeah, I remember -_- . Anyway we're going to the Gravity Falls garden to buy some flowers for the shack.

Dipper: Since when did we need flowers?

Stan: Oh I figured that flowers bring more tourists. 

Mabel: Yes!!! FLowers!!!!!

Stan: Now get in the sticken car!

(In the car)

Dipper: Oh no... I don't feel so good. Probably the cereal I had earlier. 

Mabel: Aw, Don't throw up now!!!

(Dipper sticks his head out of the window)

Dipper: I really don't feel good.

Mabel: Uh look at the horizen line!

Dipper: There is not horizen line!!

Mabel: Look at the trees then.

(Dipper looks at the trees)


Mabel: Well it usually works on boats.

Dipper: Does this look like a boat to you!?

Mabel: Uh... what to do. Oh I know! 

(Mabel starts slapping Dipper on the back)

Mabel: CALM DOWN DIPPER! *slap* I'LL SAVE YOU! *slap*

Dipper: *slap* OW! *slap* OW! *slap* Mabel! *slap* your not *slap* helping!

(Mabel starts shaking Dipper) 

Mabel: DON'T THROW UP!!!!


Mabel: Don't be silly. It always works.

Stan: I swear to god Dipper, if you throw up in this car, I will throw you out and make a pack of wolves eat you!

Dipper: *gulp* I think I'm fine.

Mabel: Told you it'll work.

(Dipper facepalms)

[Theme song] 

(At the garden)

Stan: Lets see um... Daisy, Roses, Iris, Orchid, Daffodil, Chrysanthemum-

Mabel: Chrysanthemum? 

Dipper: Its a type of flower Mabel.

Mabel: Ohhh, I knew that,

Stan: Kids please. A man has to concentrate. Aha! A man eating plant! That will do it. 

Dipper: Um... Grunkle Stan? I don't think people would want their kids to get eatin by a plant. 

Mabel: Ooh!!! Whats that?

(Mabel runs over)

Dipper: Mabel wait!!! *sigh* 

Stan: Yeah, go somewhere else. BUT DON'T BREAK ANYTHING!!!!!

(Somewhere in the garden)

Mabel: Haha!! What this? Boring! 

(Mabel drops the flower pot, but Dipper catches it)

Dipper: Mabel be careful. 

Mabel: Dipper please, I'm always careful.

(Mabel bumps into a line of pots and they start to fall)

Mabel: Oops!

(Dipper runs and catches all of the pots)

Dipper: *phew*

Mabel: Hey Dipper! Look at that angel statue!

Dipper: Angel Statue? 

Mabel: Its so life like.

Dipper: Maybe too life like.

Angel: RRAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Mabel and Dipper: AHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Angel: Hahahaha!! 

Dipper: Wait a guy dressed as a statue?

Angel: Yup.

Mabel: Why would you scare people?

Angel: For buisness and to see the looks of scared people.

Dipper: How is is good buisness?

(Another person comes)

Person: With people thrills it makes their day more... um... fun!

Mabel: I kinda did made my day fun.

Angel: Oh, but you should of seen your faces. It looked like you seen a wheeping angel. 

Dipper: A wheeping what?

Person: There you go and tell that story again.

Angel: People say that the wheeping angel like in this very town. It's basically an agel statue who is actually alive. It stalks people well mostly kids like you and when they reach you the EAT YOU!

Dipper and Mabel: *gulp*

Person: Oh stop your scaring them.

Angel: Except you can stall time by just looking at them, but don't blink. Or they come closer and closer and closer than CHOMP!!! 

(Dipper and Mabel shaking in fear)

Person: Don't worry kids, its just a legend.

Angel: True but they say that the angel comes to life when the moon and the galaxy line up and that is TONIGHT!!

Mabel: What!? 

Person: Don't worry. Its not going to happen cause it NOT TRUE! (eyes the guy dressed as an angel)

(They walk away)

Mabel: Dipper what are we going to do!?

Dipper: Don't worry Mabel. Its not going to happen or I hope.

Mabel: But what if it is true? But what if they do come. What should we do!?

Dipper: Whow knows Mabel who knows. 

Mabel: Well I hope it isn't true. Oohh what that!

(Mabel runs out of the screen)

Dipper: Don't break anything!

Mabel: *crash* Ow!

Dipper: Mabel! Is the pot okay? 

Mabel: Um... I would like say yes, but then I'll be lying.

(Dipper facepalm)

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