Well I know some of you might watch doctor who and I actually don't but, I saw a clip of an episode and I thought it would be very good, so I present to you "wheeping angels" DUN DUN DUUUUUN!!!!


Stan: KIDS!!! GET IN THE CAR!!!!

Dipper: Where are we going ini 7:00 in morning?

Mabel: Why you so grumpy? Its a beautiful day!

Dipper: Yeah, another day to get you head chomped off!

Mabel: Don't worry Stan. He is just grumpy cause yestuday he turned kinda into a ghost.

Stan: Yeah, I remember -_- . Anyway we're going to the Gravity Falls garden to buy some flowers for the shack.

Dipper: Since when did we need flowers?

Stan: Oh I figured that flowers bring more tourists. 

Mabel: Yes!!! FLowers!!!!!

Stan: Now get in the sticken car!

(In the car)

Dipper: Oh no... I don't feel so good. Probably the cereal I had earlier. 

Mabel: Aw, Don't throw up now!!!

(Dipper sticks his head out of the window)

Dipper: I really don't feel good.

Mabel: Uh look at the horizen line!

Dipper: There is not horizen line!!

Mabel: Look at the trees then.

(Dipper looks at the trees)


Mabel: Well it usually works on boats.

Dipper: Does this look like a boat to you!?

Mabel: Uh... what to do. Oh I know! 

(Mabel starts slapping Dipper on the back)

Mabel: CALM DOWN DIPPER! *slap* I'LL SAVE YOU! *slap*

Dipper: *slap* OW! *slap* OW! *slap* Mabel! *slap* your not *slap* helping!

(Mabel starts shaking Dipper) 

Mabel: DON'T THROW UP!!!!


Mabel: Don't be silly. It always works.

Stan: I swear to god Dipper, if you throw up in this car, I will throw you out and make a pack of wolves eat you!

Dipper: *gulp* I think I'm fine.

Mabel: Told you it'll work.

(Dipper facepalms)

[Theme song] 

(At the garden)

Stan: Lets see um... Daisy, Roses, Iris, Orchid, Daffodil, Chrysanthemum-

Mabel: Chrysanthemum? 

Dipper: Its a type of flower Mabel.

Mabel: Ohhh, I knew that,

Stan: Kids please. A man has to concentrate. Aha! A man eating plant! That will do it. 

Dipper: Um... Grunkle Stan? I don't think people would want their kids to get eatin by a plant. 

Mabel: Ooh!!! Whats that?

(Mabel runs over)

Dipper: Mabel wait!!! *sigh* 

Stan: Yeah, go somewhere else. BUT DON'T BREAK ANYTHING!!!!!

(Somewhere in the garden)

Mabel: Haha!! What this? Boring! 

(Mabel drops the flower pot, but Dipper catches it)

Dipper: Mabel be careful. 

Mabel: Dipper please, I'm always careful.

(Mabel bumps into a line of pots and they start to fall)

Mabel: Oops!

(Dipper runs and catches all of the pots)

Dipper: *phew*

Mabel: Hey Dipper! Look at that angel statue!

Dipper: Angel Statue? 

Mabel: Its so life like.

Dipper: Maybe too life like.

Angel: RRAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Mabel and Dipper: AHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Angel: Hahahaha!! 

Dipper: Wait a guy dressed as a statue?

Angel: Yup.

Mabel: Why would you scare people?

Angel: For buisness and to see the looks of scared people.

Dipper: How is is good buisness?

(Another person comes)

Person: With people thrills it makes their day more... um... fun!

Mabel: I kinda did made my day fun.

Angel: Oh, but you should of seen your faces. It looked like you seen a weeping angel. 

Dipper: A weeping what?

Person: There you go and tell that story again.

Angel: People say that the wheeping angel live in this very town. It's basically an angel statue who is actually alive. It stalks people well mostly kids like you and when they reach you they EAT YOU!

Dipper and Mabel: *gulp*

Person: Oh stop your scaring them.

Angel: Except you can stall time by just looking at them, but don't blink. Or they come closer and closer and closer than CHOMP!!! 

(Dipper and Mabel shaking in fear)

Person: Don't worry kids, its just a legend.

Angel: True but according to legend tonight is the anniversary of William Scrimage.

Mabel: William Scrimage?

Angel: An acient man who was beleive to turn the angels to stone, but when it turn midnight tonight, the angel will come back to life.

Mabel: What!? 

Person: Don't worry. Its not going to happen cause it NOT TRUE! (eyes the guy dressed as an angel)

(They walk away)

Mabel: Dipper what are we going to do!?

Dipper: Don't worry Mabel. Its not going to happen or I hope.

Mabel: But what if it is true? But what if they do come. What should we do!?

Dipper: Whow knows Mabel who knows. 

Mabel: Well I hope it isn't true. Oohh what that!

(Mabel runs out of the screen)

Dipper: Don't break anything!

Mabel: *crash* Ow!

Dipper: Mabel! Is the pot okay? 

Mabel: Um... I would like say yes, but then I'll be lying.

(Dipper facepalm)

Stan: What did I tell you!?

Mabel: How can I remember?

Dipper: You told us not to break anything.

Stan: Exactly! and what did you do?

Dipper: We broke something I know.

Stan: Do you know how much that cost!? Like seriously do you know cause I don't we just ran.

Dipper: *rolls eye* why did you even care about what we did?

Stan: I don't. Unless it involves with money and THIS ON DID!

Dipper: Yeesh you don't need to yell.

Stan: Anyway I say no TV for a week.

Dipper: Um... thats really not a punishment actually.

Mabel: Yeah, there's nothing really on TV.

Stan: Well um... then uh... no summer reading!

Dipper: Wait, what!? What is the problem with summer reading!? I didn't even found out who stole the Capers!

Stan: Well Mabel told me all about it.

(Dipper gives a look at Mabel and she just smiled)

Dipper: Well Mabel shouldn't have sleepovers anymore.

Mabel: I though we went threw this! 

Dipper: Fine, um... no flirting with guys for a whole week. 

Mabel: What!? Oh um... Fine!

Stan: Deal, know go to your rooms.

(Mabel and Dipper walk up the room.)

Dipper: No summer reading!? Really?

Mabel: You said no flirting!

Dipper: I thought we went threw this! This kind of attitude made us switch bodies, time travel back in time, almost got killed by a giant gnome monster, and almost got eaten by the summerween trickster!

Mabel: Summerween was not my fault and why are you mad!? Just because you can't summer read!?

Dipper: No, well yes um... I can't remember. 

Mabel: Do you just want to start over?

Dipper: *deap breath* Okay.

(The fist bump and and go to bed)

(On the clock it strikes 12 and show the angel in the graveyard open its eyes)

Dipper: *yawn* Mornin Mabel. 

Mabel: Morning Dipper.

Dipper: So what are we going to do today?

Mabel: I was thinking that we should go to the graveyard. You know there might be like clues there and more fun stuff. We never really explored there.

Dipper: Mabel there's a reason why we don't explore there. Its a "graveyard". Where dead people sleep?

Mabel: I know what a graveyard is Dipper. But like come on. We found A secret lair under that statue and don't you ever wonder why that statue is specail?

Dipper: It's special 'cause um... uh... you made your point, but if you're dead do you want kids to walk over your body?

Mabel: If I was dead I think I'll be happy that kids are actually enjoying that graveyard. Come on Dipper! It'll be fun.

Dipper: *sigh* I'll go if you just stop talking about it.

Mabel: Great!

(They run downstairs and bump into soos)

Soos: *oof* Wow where are you kids going in a hurry.

Mabel: We're going to the graveyard!

Soos: Uh... really? I don't know man. I heard really bad rumors about that place. Like there's ghost...

Dipper: Been there

Soos: Monsters...

Dipper: Done that.

Soos: Weeping Angels...

Dipper: Too easy- wait what? 

Soos: Weeping Angels. I heard its true dude.

Dipper: It's just a legend Soos.

Soos: Nah, I heard in the late '90s these teanagers went in at night and got put in the hospital 'cause they were like traumatized. In the hospital they were just like sitting there whispering "angels... don't blink... eating people...." and stuff. Plus they were always jumpy and  apperantly they always see things lurking in the shadows. Its was crazy bonkers freaky. Here there's a paper about it. *pulls one out and gives it to Dipper*

Dipper: Uh... thanks? "Tree kids traumatized from the graveyard inccident. Reporters say that they have encountered and evil angel"

Mabel: They were just crazy thats all.

Dipper: I don't know Mabel... Maybe it is true. Like think of it. Angels coming to life. That's something that could happen in Gravity Falls.

(Mabel looks at Dipper like he's crazy)

Mabel: Dipper they're statues.

Dipper: Statues that comes to life!

Mabel: Now your just being paranoid. Come on! 

(Mabel pulls  Dipper from the arm and they run out of the shack)

Soos: Hm, Mabel could be right. It could just be a legend.

(They're walking through the graveyard and it's misty)

Dipper: Ugh, I can't see through this mist.

Mabel: Hehe Dipper look. *pretends to be a zombie* 

Dipper: Mabel please.

(They hear a a nearby bush russel)

Dipper: What was that.

Mabel: Uh... I don't know.

(Dipper picks up a rock and throws it at the bush and a cat runs out)

Mabel: Phew, It was just a cat.

Dipper: Mabel we should go. It's really creepy and I can't see anything through this mist. We really should go Mabel, Mabel? MABEL!?!?

(Mabel pops up from behind a tombstone.)

Mabel: BOO!!!

Dipper: AH!!! 

(Dipper falls backwords)

Mabel: Hahaha. You should've seen your face. It was hilarious!

Dipper: *sarcastic voice* Ha ha ha. Mabel this is serious. we shouldn't be here. 

( They turn around and they see a angel right infront of them)

Mabel and Dipper: Ahhhh!!!!

Mabel: Wait it's just an angel Dipper. 

Dipper: But was it always this close? 

Mabel: It's crying.

Dipper: No, I think it's weeping. 

Mabel: Weeping, weeeeeeeping. That's a funny word. I mean if you say it more it doesn't even sound like a word.

Dipper: Mabel focus. 

Mabel: It's just a statue. It could just been here this whole time and we could've never notice. 

Dipper: Since when do we not notice anything, but you could be right. I mean it's a stature right. 

Mabel: Wow it's getting pretty cold.

Dipper: They news did say it would be cold today.

Mabel: I think we should go.

(They walk out of the graveyard, but stopped)

Dipper: Mabel do you have that feeling that someone is following us?

Mabel: Yeah...

(they turn around and the angel is even closer)

Dipper: *gulp* D- D- Do you think this  a weeping angel?

Mabel: I think we should run, NOW!

(They run to towards the shack)

( The angels are moving closer and closer)

(Mabel and Dipper run into the shack)

Dipper: Ahhhhh!!!!

Soos: Woah dudes, chill.

Mabel: Oh my god I can't- it was right there- it scared me- there was a cat- scary!- there's was mist everywhere-

Soos: Woah, slow down. What happened?



Soos: Oh I think the legend is getting up to your head.

Dipper: Soos this is true! 

Soos: Oh Dude! I'm out of here!!

(Soos runs away)

Dipper: Mabel check outside!

(Mabel runs to the window and there is already 5 angels standing)

Mabel: Dipper we have a problem!!!

Dipper: Mabel go outside and try to stop them! 

Mabel: What!? 

Dipper: Just do it! I'm going to find a plan!!!

Mabel: Uh....

(Mabel runs to the kitchen)

Dipper:  Mabel- Ugh!!! 

(Dipper runs outsiad)

Dipper: Okay um... stop!

(The angels stop)

Dipper: Oh, well that was easy. *turns around* Hey Mabel I found out how to stop these things. *turns back around and its even closer* WHAT!? 

(Mabel comes running outside with a glass of water and throws it at one of the angels)

Dipper: What are you doing!? Its a statue not a robot!! 

Mabel: I was out of ideas!!! 

Dipper: Just keep watching them!

Mabel: Why!?

Dipper: They... uh... might go somewhere!! 

Mabel: Why would they go somewhere!? They're after us!!! 

Dipper: Just do it!!

(Dipper opens his books)

Dipper: Um... weeping angels... weeping angels... aha! Okay Weeping Angels are a type of statue that comes to life on the anniversary of William Scrimage's death. It has gotten its name since it looks like it is weeping, yet instead they are actually preventing from looking at eachother.  If the angel touches you, it will suck out all of you life's energy and turn you into dust. The angels's weakness is you staring at them. They will keep there positions, but what ever you do don't look back, don't look away, and don't blink.  If the statues ever see eachother it stays as statues perminantly, but it will cause a high chance for you to turn into dust. Other than that the way to destroy them is unknown. 

Mabel: Dipper!! Hurry up!!!! They're getting closer!!!

Dipper: Mabel keep staring!!!

Mabel: I am!!!

Dipper: Are you blinking?

Mabel: Well of course!!! I have to!!!

Dipper: Well don't!! It will get closer!!

(Dipper runs away)

Mabel: Dipper where are you going!?

Dipper: Don't worry I've got a plan!!

(Dipper finds a hammer)

Dipper: Perfect. 

(Mabel blinks and the angel is inches close to her with a scary face on I don't know how to say it :P)

Mabel: Ahhh!!!!

Dipper: Stay back Mabel!

(Dipper swings the hammer to the angels heads and it smashes them all into peices)

Dipper Mabel: *pant* pant* 

Mabel: Wow. That was close. Are all of them smashed?

Dipper: I think so.

(Dipper and Mabel look at the remains of the angel and fins a red rock)

Dipper: What is this?

Mabel: *shrugs* 

Dipper: Oh well.

(Dipper puts in a pocket and they walk back to the shack)

Mabel: So wanna go back to the graveyard tomorrow morning?

Dipper: No

The End

(At night) 

(The rock on on the night tabel starts to glow and suddenly dissapears) 

Or is it?

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