As you've seen the title and the answer is no. This is not a parody of Back to the Future. If you have ever saw my vote   than you'll see that I got a lot of votes on the future Mabel and Dipper coming back to tell Dipper and Mabel something. Well lets start shall we


Tv: Oh Docter, I want to stay with you!

Tv: But Avery that can not happen. If you stay with me than you'll die. If I die than there will be a paradox and you'll be here.

Tv: But Doctor no!

Tv: Good bye Avery *Jumps of building*

Tv: We'll be back with, Doctor See.

Mabel: O M G. That did not just happen. Dipper Oh My God!!!

Dipper: What...

Mabel: Did you see what just happened!?

Dipper: Yeah, yeah. He jumped off a building, big deal. Why do you even like Doctor See anyway?

Mabel: He is so dreamy!! *Holds up poster* 

Dipper: Bleh, Mabel we did this all before and this show just makes it... you know.... boring.

Mabel: Oh come on.

Dipper: and besides, I'm done with time travel.

(Bright light flashes)

Mabel: What the!

(Future Mabel comes)

Mabel: Woah it me!!! and wait, my hair is up?

Future Mabel: Oh good you guys are here. I was traveling all over the place in differant times looking for you!

Dipper: Why us?

Future Mabel: I don't have much time to tell you. Anyway you must throw Waddles away, so you can create a paradox! 

Mabel: What!? 

Future Mabel: I know it would be hard for you, but we don't have much time before you- 

Dipper: Wait, if your Future Mabel than where am I? 

Future Mabel: Um... *starts to get nervous*

Dipper: What happened to me?

Future Mabel: Um it is kinda hard to explain, but oh! Um I think I have something.

(Future Mabel digs threw the back and got something that looks like a hat hooked up with a small contorler) 

Mabel: Ooh nice hat! 

Future Mabel: Thanks, now set the time to um... July 5th 2012.

(The controler starts to glow and makes a hologram projector and a video starts to play)


Gideon: Hahaha!!!! Because of Waddles I got the most greates power of all!! 

Mabel: Give me my Waddles back!! 

Gideon: Okay, but even if you do, the power was sucked out of him and he is paralized forever! Hahaha!

Mabel: WADDLES!! 

Dipper: Gideon stop this now!!! 

Gideon: Never! Now Mabel, be my queen! 

Mabel: No!! 

Gideon: If you won't than I will destroy you with this laser rock! 

( Gideon shoots, but Mabel doesn't notice)

Mabel: Is it just me or does it feel like we're in like a super hero movie.

Dipper: Mabel look out!!! 

(everything goes slow motion) 

(Dipper jumps infront of Mabel and gets blasted into ash) 

Mabel: Dipper!!! No!!!! 

Gideon: Hahaha!!! Now Mabel, its time to be my queen!

Mabel: Why would I date a JERK LIKE YOU!!! 

(Mabel runs away) 

-------------------------------------------Video Ends---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Dipper: I die? 

Future Mabel: Yes.

Dipper: But that means I'm going to die in 3 days!

Future Mabel: Because of that pig.

Mabel: But Waddles will never do such a thing.

Future Mabel: Waddles doesn't do anything, but he has a special chemical and that's what Gideon is after.

Dipper: So Gideon wants to rule Gravity Falls?

Future Mabel: No. The world. 

Mabel: But I... I.... I can't throw him out! 

Future Mabel: I'm sorry Mabel, but you have to. Even now there is a huge war going on and many lives are being lost. Think about the People, think about the future. Think about you brother!

Mabel: But... Waddles.... He's my best friend.

Dipper: It's a pig Mabel. 

Future: Mabel, I know this is hard, but you have to get rid of that pig. 

Mabel: Where will he go? What if he gets in danger?

Future Mabel: The longer you keep him the more danger there will be for you two. 

Mabel: I... I- I... I don't know. 

Future Mabel: You have to think of something quick, or Dipper will be toast.

(They look at eachother)

Future Mabel: Here you might need this, * passes a time maching to them* Thats all I have time for now, but the future is in your hands! 

Dipper: Wait-

(Future Mabel dissapears) 

Mabel: Throw Waddles away? 

Dipper: I'm going to die in 3 days?

Mabel: Waddles, don't you worry. I'm never going to give you up.

Dipper: Mabel, if you don't I'm going to DIE! 

Mabel: But he's part of our family!

Dipper: I'm your TWIN BROTHER! 

Mabel: But look at his face

(Shoves waddels in Dipper face)

Waddles: Oink

(Dipper pushes Waddles away) 

Dipper: This is serious!

Mabel: We can't just leave Waddles outside!

Dipper: Why not?

Mabel: What happens if something bad happens? What happens if he dies?

Dipper: That can't happen its just a pig.

Mabel: Think about it, if your a pig and you got thrown out of the house cause this psycho freak is after you, how will you feel.

Dipper: I'll probably just live my life and... wait... your right. You can't leave Waddles out there all alone. Gideon might find him. 

Mabel: So.... what are we going to do? 

Dipper: Well... *looks at time machine that future mabel gave them* maybe this can help. 

Mabel: Time travel again? 

Dipper: This is for Waddles okay? 

Mabel: *sigh okay* 

(They go 3 days later) 

Mabel: Woah, this is like an epic war going on.

Dipper: Mabel stay focus... there we are! 

(Mabel and Dipper hides behind a bush)

Future Gideon: Hahaha!!!! Because of Waddles I got the most greates power of all!! 

Future Mabel: Give me my Waddles back!! 

Mabel: Oh Waddles...

Future Gideon: Okay, but even if you do, the power was sucked out of him and he is paralized forever! Hahaha!

Future Mabel: WADDLES!! 

Future Dipper: Gideon stop this now!!! 

Future Gideon: Never! Now Mabel, be my queen! 

Future Mabel: No!! 

Future Gideon: If you won't than I will destroy you with this laser rock! 

( Future Gideon shoots, but Future Mabel doesn't notice)

Mabel: Turn around!!! 

(Dipper looks around and finds a small rock and picks it up. He throws it at Future Mabel)

Future Mabel: Is it just me or does it feel like we- ow! What the?

(Future Mabel bends down right when the laser missed her) 

Dipper: Phew! 

Future Gideon: No!! Grrrr *fires up the laser rock again*

(Dipper throws a big rock at gideon and it hit him right in the arm and the laser rock bounced off)

Dipper: Bulls eye! 

Future Gideon: Owwww... NO! MY POWERS! THEY'RE DRAINING! 

Future Dipper: Hahaha, well what do you know. All you needed is to throw a rock at him. Wait, but who threw the rock 

Future Mabel: Oh Waddles *tears stroll down her face* 

Mabel: Dipper they need our help! 

Dipper: That is our future selves problem! 

Mabel: But Dipper, this is going to heppen in the future.

Dipper: Well we got the job done. I'm going to be alive when I grow up.

Mabel: I thought we're went in the future to save Waddles...

Dipper: Well we don't have a choice.

Mabel: But we do have a choice! We all do! 

Dipper: Not all the time you know. 

(Dipper gets out the time maching and take Mabel to the past)

Mabel: Nooooo!! 

(In the past)

Mabel: Hey.... we're not in the mystery shack...

Dipper: We're at the...

Mabel: We're at the fair you dodo! You always say that I make mistakes but this you do sir. You did.

Dipper: oops? 

Mabel: Oops can't fix anything Dipper. You made me loose my Waddles- wait... we're at the fair! I can win my waddles! He is... uh... 15 pounds!!

(Mabel runs to the booth)

Dipper: No Mabel! Stop! You're going to create another paradox!! UGH! Why do I have to do this myself?

Mabel: Now where is Waddles? 

(Dipper running and sees Mabel. He looks behind him and sees the past Mabel) 

Dipper: Oh no! Got to stop her before she gets him

(Dipper tackles Mabel) 

Mabel: Hey! What's your deal Dipper?

Dipper: You can't win Waddles!

Mabel: Yes I can.

(Mabel pushes Dipper aside and walks up to the booth when she meets the past Mabel) 

Past Mabel: What the!? Is that me?

Mabel: Oh your me all right. You me and I'm you and I'm from the future to win my Waddles.

Past Mabel: Waddles? 

Mabel: Oh right! You see that pig over there? *points at Waddles* His name is Waddles. He's is technically my pet, but we named it Waddles and- *smack*

(Dipper covers Mabel's mouth shut)

Dipper: Hehehe, sorry we have to go.

Past Mabel: Dipper?

(Mabel pushes Dipper's arm off)

Mabel: Dipper! We don't need to go anywhere! Not after I win that pig! 

Dipper: Your not winning anything cause we're going home NOW!

Mabel: No we're not! I'm winning WADDLES! I can't lose him again Dipper! 

Past Mabel: I think neither of you are going to win that pig, cause I was coming here to get it. 

Mabel: Um... no. I was going to win that pig.

Past Mabel: What makes you think your going to win that pig?

Mabel: Let me tell you the story. Even if you win Waddles your going to lo- 

Dipper: Mabel don't. You'll create a paradox. If you tell them what happens in the future than the whole timeline will be messed up and the whole fabric of the univers and time can currupt! We can't let her know that if she gets Waddles she's going to lose it.

Past Mabel: You know I head you.

Mabel: Smooth move Dipper.

Dipper: Mabel this is serious! Oh no... we have to go now-

(The whole ground shakes and everything is falling apart. The ground is craking and the trees are falling)


Mabel: Way to go Dipper.

Yeah I give up. It's getting confusing and I'm trying my best to think of a new plot but i just can't so yeah sorry guys. :(

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