Sorry for being a buzzkill here, but have noticed some bullying going around. Well Ruz and and Rox and me actually noticed. Anyway Ruz is getting really down lately because of a lot of people on this wiki. Shes getting ignored and critisized how she doesn't konw things even thought shes a chat mod. Well for once, we live in Japan. It has differant time zones, so we don't get updated on a lot of things. I also heard from her that she was been called out dated and getting laughed at because she didn't see the new episode promos or new information. Hello? We live in Japan. On disney channel we're only up to episode 11 guys. Little Dipper! Gravity Falls came to Japan in october. After Summerween came out and the part that shes getting annoyed by asking questions on this wiki? I remember that we can ask the admins if we have any promblems on this wiki. Well she did and never got any answers back. Also that conversation on chat about north korea and everyone started to freak out, she felt like she was the bad guy. But what really annoyed me was yesterday when she said we drew bill around tokyo and all you guys said was "Lol Rzvegg, you are turning Tokyo into Gravity Falls!", "Soon girls will be having pigs, boys will be wearing hats with pine trees, and men will be wearing fezes" You guys might not be notixing by your really insulting Japan and out culture. Not a lot of people knew about Gravity Falls in out school, but one message that really hurt was "Japanese person: O_O "sees Bill picture" ILLUMINATI!!!! ILUMANTI!!!! " says illumanati in japaneseXD That one really hurt. I hate it when people are being bullied on there culture. You may think your having fun, but for us its bullying. All I'm asking is for you to stop. This is going to be the wiki drama all over again and do we really want that? No right? Now please lets just get along and stop making a huge deal about everything.

I just don't like her see like this. She used to be happy and she was super happy when she became a chat mod, but now she just hates being one. Everyday we have fun at lunch. She steals everyone's wallet and my milk tea and we have a lot of fun chasing her and laughing, but I could really see it in her eyes, that this bullying is killing her. She was more energetic  before she became a chat mod, but now shes just... sad. 

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