aka Jrsushilover

  • I live in someplace far far away
  • I was born on January 22
  • My occupation is oh make videos, draw, pretty much nothing.
  • I am a nerd
  • Jrsushilover7

    Just a notice

    December 2, 2013 by Jrsushilover7

    Hello my name is jrsushilover. As you may know, a lot of people who joined recently never noticed me but people who was one her for a quite a while knows me quite well. That is because I have not been on her lately because I've been gettting very busy lately. I gave out a lot of notice that I will be leaving bu hey, I can never keep my promise. So heres a blog kinda thing saying that I will not be on here lately. 

    Another notice I feel like I'm becoming very old even though I'm just in 8th grade. I sound more grouchy and more like .... or whatever kind of thing. I would just like to say do not get offended by that. You're probably talking to me in my.... more... unhappy moods. I was pretty much having that for a whole week now since I was s…

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  • Jrsushilover7


    i have not made a blog post in such a long time.....


    I'm really curious. Like what are you going to be for halloween. 

    I'm going to be possibly be rose (homestuck fans will get this) 

    I would be something from Gravity Falls but in my opnion this is a little more easier.

    sooooo COMMENT on what your gonna be..... or you don't have to if you want to be mean. 

    ( ̄へ ̄)

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  • Jrsushilover7

    well bye guys

    October 2, 2013 by Jrsushilover7

    nah just kidding....

    but i won't be on here a lot anymore. 

    In reality this had a whole big paragraph of me leaving but i kinda decided not too and I don't know how to delete blog post...... so yeah....

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  • Jrsushilover7

    Okay we all have seen the last episode of Gravity Falls haven't we? Well at the end Grunkle Stan said "Here we go" which I think he meant was that the end is just the biggening to a more epic and awesome adventure for Dipper and Mabel, but what really gets me thinking that is there a secret society in Gravity Falls and is Stan in it? Well my guess is that he is a big part of that mystery and I for one think that there is a secret society in Gravity Falls, like it said in the Rumble's Revenge game, but when I was thinking if it was bluffing or telling the truth another question popped into my head. What is the secret society if it was true? and this brings me waaaaaaaaay back to the beginning of seventh grade when I just found out about Gra…

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  • Jrsushilover7

    Well yeah, starting a new fan made episode since the other one was getting waaaaaaaayyy to confusing. Probably make another one, so I'll be wroking 2 at a time, so yeah maybe. Now I remember Dami making a reverse pines fan made episode and I for one love that au. One of my favorite alternate universe and I always check it out. Anyway if you don't know what it is than... better read to find out. Hehehehehehe... By the way rad Dami's one his is really good. 

    update: Oh my god I don't even remember when i posted this BUT SUSH IS BACK! WITH MY EPISODES! YEAH!!! 

    (show the mystery shack) 

    Mabel: Hey dip! Think fast!

    Dipper: What?

    (Dipper turns around and Mabel throws and egg at him)

    Dipper: Hey!

    Mabel: Hahaha!! 

    Dipper: You asked for it!

    (Dipper tackles…

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